Michigan Employers

Employers Number 8794

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Transportation Central Office
20173,582avg: $49,285median: $53,874
Transportation Central Office2017 3,582 $49,285$53,874View Details
Chippewa Valley Schools
20163,578avg: $21,866median: $2,793
Chippewa Valley Schools2016 3,578 $21,866$2,793View Details
Plymouth-canton Community S D
20163,546avg: $22,662median: $5,009
Plymouth-canton Community S D2016 3,546 $22,662$5,009View Details
County Of Wayne
20163,534avg: $54,208median: $51,581
County Of Wayne2016 3,534 $54,208$51,581View Details
Ann Arbor Public Schools
20153,507avg: $28,065median: $11,036
Ann Arbor Public Schools2015 3,507 $28,065$11,036View Details
Chippewa Valley Schools
20153,488avg: $22,310median: $2,754
Chippewa Valley Schools2015 3,488 $22,310$2,754View Details
Dnr-natural Resources
20163,467avg: $27,877median: $8,913
Dnr-natural Resources2016 3,467 $27,877$8,913View Details
Lansing Public Schools
20163,458avg: $17,388median: $2,631
Lansing Public Schools2016 3,458 $17,388$2,631View Details
Department of Community Health
20203,379avg: $64,749median: $62,332
Department of Community Health2020 3,379 $64,749$62,332View Details
Rochester Community Schools
20153,369avg: $23,370median: $4,065
Rochester Community Schools2015 3,369 $23,370$4,065View Details
Dnr-natural Resources
20153,365avg: $29,464median: $9,361
Dnr-natural Resources2015 3,365 $29,464$9,361View Details
Mdhhs-Dpt Of Human Svc Cntl Of
20173,301avg: $57,283median: $60,137
Mdhhs-Dpt Of Human Svc Cntl Of2017 3,301 $57,283$60,137View Details
Dearborn Public Schools
20193,266avg: $40,113median: $38,456
Dearborn Public Schools2019 3,266 $40,113$38,456View Details
Traverse City Public Schools
20163,241avg: $14,116median: $1,032
Traverse City Public Schools2016 3,241 $14,116$1,032View Details
Mdhhs - Community Health
20183,223avg: $61,785median: $59,261
Mdhhs - Community Health2018 3,223 $61,785$59,261View Details
20163,202avg: $16,812median: $5,152
OAKLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE2016 3,202 $16,812$5,152View Details
Department of Transportation
20203,189avg: $58,062median: $59,278
Department of Transportation2020 3,189 $58,062$59,278View Details
Dearborn Public Schools
20153,186avg: $34,167median: $27,828
Dearborn Public Schools2015 3,186 $34,167$27,828View Details
Dearborn Public Schools
20163,169avg: $35,036median: $30,044
Dearborn Public Schools2016 3,169 $35,036$30,044View Details
Transportation Central Office
20163,146avg: $55,234median: $57,884
Transportation Central Office2016 3,146 $55,234$57,884View Details

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