State of Michigan employee salaries

We have 116,807 state of Michigan employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in Michigan is $53,084 and median salary is $54,744. Look up Michigan state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Michigan Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Michigan State University
202313,638avg: $86,314median: $71,094
Michigan State University2023 13,638 $86,314$71,094View Details
Department of Human Services
202311,648avg: $65,138median: $69,014
Department of Human Services2023 11,648 $65,138$69,014View Details
Department of Community Health
20233,550avg: $72,481median: $69,826
Department of Community Health2023 3,550 $72,481$69,826View Details
Department of Natural Resources
20233,496avg: $36,051median: $15,505
Department of Natural Resources2023 3,496 $36,051$15,505View Details
Department of Transportation
20233,393avg: $67,371median: $68,002
Department of Transportation2023 3,393 $67,371$68,002View Details
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
20232,848avg: $68,263median: $69,607
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity2023 2,848 $68,263$69,607View Details
Western Michigan University
20232,803avg: $58,919median: $57,685
Western Michigan University2023 2,803 $58,919$57,685View Details
Eastern Michigan University
20232,654avg: $52,122median: $46,379
Eastern Michigan University2023 2,654 $52,122$46,379View Details
Department of Technology, Management & Budget-IT
20231,959avg: $87,626median: $91,462
Department of Technology, Management & Budget-IT2023 1,959 $87,626$91,462View Details
Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs
20231,891avg: $75,201median: $77,563
Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs2023 1,891 $75,201$77,563View Details
Department of Treasury
20231,871avg: $74,015median: $70,761
Department of Treasury2023 1,871 $74,015$70,761View Details
Ingham County
20231,714avg: $47,842median: $47,882
Ingham County2023 1,714 $47,842$47,882View Details
City of Dearborn
20231,600avg: $45,386median: $30,044
City of Dearborn2023 1,600 $45,386$30,044View Details
City of Kalamazoo
20231,569avg: $50,335median: $48,484
City of Kalamazoo2023 1,569 $50,335$48,484View Details
Department of State (DOS)
20231,552avg: $57,165median: $56,185
Department of State (DOS)2023 1,552 $57,165$56,185View Details
MIchigan Department of Enviroment, Great Lakes, and Energy
20231,521avg: $73,905median: $80,038
MIchigan Department of Enviroment, Great Lakes, and Energy2023 1,521 $73,905$80,038View Details
City of Ann Arbor
20231,416avg: $49,767median: $45,163
City of Ann Arbor2023 1,416 $49,767$45,163View Details
Washtenaw County
20231,377avg: $71,067median: $66,862
Washtenaw County2023 1,377 $71,067$66,862View Details
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority
20231,376avg: $19,351median: $7,337
Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority2023 1,376 $19,351$7,337View Details
Muskegon County
20231,292avg: $53,257median: $52,769
Muskegon County2023 1,292 $53,257$52,769View Details