Mississippi Employers

Employers Number 289

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Southern Mississippi
20163,587avg: $38,614median: $30,780
University Of Southern Mississippi2016 3,587 $38,614$30,780View Details
20163,132avg: $36,103median: $31,993
Transportation2016 3,132 $36,103$31,993View Details
Desoto Co School Dist
20162,493avg: $43,933median: $41,818
Desoto Co School Dist2016 2,493 $43,933$41,818View Details
Jackson Public School Dist
20162,333avg: $45,024median: $43,902
Jackson Public School Dist2016 2,333 $45,024$43,902View Details
20162,277avg: $30,643median: $28,762
Corr-institutions2016 2,277 $30,643$28,762View Details
Health Board
20161,971avg: $38,071median: $36,687
Health Board2016 1,971 $38,071$36,687View Details
City Of Jackson
20161,751avg: $31,400median: $31,038
City Of Jackson2016 1,751 $31,400$31,038View Details
Rankin Co School Dist
20161,595avg: $47,556median: $43,960
Rankin Co School Dist2016 1,595 $47,556$43,960View Details
Dhs-family & Children's Services
20161,401avg: $33,702median: $31,758
Dhs-family & Children's Services2016 1,401 $33,702$31,758View Details
County Of Hinds
20161,289avg: $23,338median: $23,016
County Of Hinds2016 1,289 $23,338$23,016View Details
Madison Co School Dist
20161,109avg: $48,997median: $46,199
Madison Co School Dist2016 1,109 $48,997$46,199View Details
Harrison Co School Dist
20161,070avg: $48,577median: $46,725
Harrison Co School Dist2016 1,070 $48,577$46,725View Details
Dhs-economic Assistance/tanf
20161,015avg: $27,079median: $26,665
Dhs-economic Assistance/tanf2016 1,015 $27,079$26,665View Details
Medicaid Division
2016936avg: $39,987median: $37,194
Medicaid Division2016 936 $39,987$37,194View Details
Dps-division Of Safety Patrol
2016871avg: $45,422median: $45,848
Dps-division Of Safety Patrol2016 871 $45,422$45,848View Details
County Of Jackson
2016839avg: $35,005median: $33,738
County Of Jackson2016 839 $35,005$33,738View Details
Lamar County School District
2016817avg: $45,026median: $43,545
Lamar County School District2016 817 $45,026$43,545View Details
Department Of Revenue
2016762avg: $40,998median: $35,972
Department Of Revenue2016 762 $40,998$35,972View Details
Pascagoula School Dist
2016752avg: $50,618median: $48,918
Pascagoula School Dist2016 752 $50,618$48,918View Details
Jackson Co School Dist
2016727avg: $48,599median: $46,375
Jackson Co School Dist2016 727 $48,599$46,375View Details

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