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Employers Number 2254

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Yellowstone West/Carbon County Special Services Cooperative
20201avg: $39,580median: $39,580
Yellowstone West/Carbon County Special Services Cooperative2020 1 $39,580$39,580View Details
Reichle Elementary School District 26
20201avg: $11,350median: $11,350
Reichle Elementary School District 262020 1 $11,350$11,350View Details
Prickly Pear Cooperative
20201avg: $34,992median: $34,992
Prickly Pear Cooperative2020 1 $34,992$34,992View Details
Park County Rural Fire District 1
20201avg: $62,600median: $62,600
Park County Rural Fire District 12020 1 $62,600$62,600View Details
Pondera Regional Port Authority
20201avg: $26,330median: $26,330
Pondera Regional Port Authority2020 1 $26,330$26,330View Details
Missoula Area Education Cooperative
20201avg: $62,825median: $62,825
Missoula Area Education Cooperative2020 1 $62,825$62,825View Details
Roundup Community Library
20201avg: $12,274median: $12,274
Roundup Community Library2020 1 $12,274$12,274View Details
Town of Denton
20201avg: $90median: $90
Town of Denton2020 1 $90$90View Details
Milk River JBC
20201avg: $81,133median: $81,133
Milk River JBC2020 1 $81,133$81,133View Details
Town of Drummond
20201avg: $33,027median: $33,027
Town of Drummond2020 1 $33,027$33,027View Details
Ovando Elementary School District 11
20201avg: $8,391median: $8,391
Ovando Elementary School District 112020 1 $8,391$8,391View Details
Northwest Montana Educational Cooperative
20201avg: $26,723median: $26,723
Northwest Montana Educational Cooperative2020 1 $26,723$26,723View Details
Malta Cemetery District
20201avg: $41,111median: $41,111
Malta Cemetery District2020 1 $41,111$41,111View Details
Stillwater County School District
20201avg: $7,277median: $7,277
Stillwater County School District2020 1 $7,277$7,277View Details
Swan Lake-Salmon Prairie School District 73
20201avg: $6,600median: $6,600
Swan Lake-Salmon Prairie School District 732020 1 $6,600$6,600View Details
Swan Valley School District 33
20201avg: $26,607median: $26,607
Swan Valley School District 332020 1 $26,607$26,607View Details
Somers County Water & Sewer District
20201avg: $24,000median: $24,000
Somers County Water & Sewer District2020 1 $24,000$24,000View Details
Teton Conservation District
20201avg: $13,962median: $13,962
Teton Conservation District2020 1 $13,962$13,962View Details
Miami Elementary School District
20201avg: $13,920median: $13,920
Miami Elementary School District2020 1 $13,920$13,920View Details
Sidney-Richland Airport Authority
20201avg: $86,154median: $86,154
Sidney-Richland Airport Authority2020 1 $86,154$86,154View Details

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