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Employers Number 568

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
20184,843avg: $37,465median: $32,135
Msu-Bozeman2018 4,843 $37,465$32,135View Details
Department Of Transportation
20184,544avg: $25,337median: $47
Department Of Transportation2018 4,544 $25,337$47View Details
Dept Of Public Health & Human Services
20183,471avg: $37,005median: $36,557
Dept Of Public Health & Human Services2018 3,471 $37,005$36,557View Details
Dept Of Health And Human Svcs
20183,425avg: $22median: $20
Dept Of Health And Human Svcs2018 3,425 $22$20View Details
20182,556avg: $39,219median: $34,267
Um-Missoula2018 2,556 $39,219$34,267View Details
Montana State University
20182,158avg: $29,665median: $28,610
Montana State University2018 2,158 $29,665$28,610View Details
Department Of Corrections
20182,095avg: $12,917median: $24
Department Of Corrections2018 2,095 $12,917$24View Details
Department Of Justice
20181,481avg: $18,321median: $37
Department Of Justice2018 1,481 $18,321$37View Details
Department Of Revenue
20181,326avg: $21,670median: $985
Department Of Revenue2018 1,326 $21,670$985View Details
Dept Of Fish Wild And Parks
20181,219avg: $22median: $19
Dept Of Fish Wild And Parks2018 1,219 $22$19View Details
Department Of Administration
20181,154avg: $27,533median: $47
Department Of Administration2018 1,154 $27,533$47View Details
Dept Of Nat Resources And Con
20181,122avg: $23median: $21
Dept Of Nat Resources And Con2018 1,122 $23$21View Details
Missoula County
2018878avg: $46,845median: $42,626
Missoula County2018 878 $46,845$42,626View Details
Dept Of Environmental Quality
2018875avg: $27,762median: $3,306
Dept Of Environmental Quality2018 875 $27,762$3,306View Details
Department Of Labor & Industry
2018823avg: $46,520median: $46,120
Department Of Labor & Industry2018 823 $46,520$46,120View Details
Dept Of Labor And Industry
2018814avg: $26median: $23
Dept Of Labor And Industry2018 814 $26$23View Details
Dept Of Natural Resources & Conservation
2018808avg: $39,651median: $43,773
Dept Of Natural Resources & Conservation2018 808 $39,651$43,773View Details
Department Of Fish Wildlife & Parks
2018799avg: $40,435median: $41,742
Department Of Fish Wildlife & Parks2018 799 $40,435$41,742View Details
City Of Billings
2018744avg: $52,751median: $50,753
City Of Billings2018 744 $52,751$50,753View Details
Montana State Fund
2018629avg: $34,890median: $6,543
Montana State Fund2018 629 $34,890$6,543View Details

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Average Salary