Ohio Employers

Employers Number 4191

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Columbus City School District
20092,359avg: $27,465median: $30
Columbus City School District2009 2,359 $27,465$30View Details
Akron City
20092,209avg: $10,804median: $18
Akron City2009 2,209 $10,804$18View Details
Cleveland Municipal
20091,884avg: $32,521median: $29,424
Cleveland Municipal2009 1,884 $32,521$29,424View Details
Cincinnati City
20091,074avg: $45,647median: $39,191
Cincinnati City2009 1,074 $45,647$39,191View Details
Cuyahoga Educ Serv Cntr
2009900avg: $45,107median: $40,833
Cuyahoga Educ Serv Cntr2009 900 $45,107$40,833View Details
Toledo City
2009747avg: $33,608median: $35,607
Toledo City2009 747 $33,608$35,607View Details
ESC of Central Ohio Educ Serv
2009733avg: $34,031median: $28,480
ESC of Central Ohio Educ Serv2009 733 $34,031$28,480View Details
Dayton City
2009679avg: $15,387median: $19
Dayton City2009 679 $15,387$19View Details
Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow
2009588avg: $30,931median: $33,100
Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow2009 588 $30,931$33,100View Details
Lincoln Elementary School
2009572avg: $38,101median: $40,814
Lincoln Elementary School2009 572 $38,101$40,814View Details
Hamilton Educ Serv Cntr
2009571avg: $48,235median: $45,303
Hamilton Educ Serv Cntr2009 571 $48,235$45,303View Details
Washington Elementary School
2009551avg: $37,086median: $40,744
Washington Elementary School2009 551 $37,086$40,744View Details
Central Elementary School
2009506avg: $36,750median: $36,948
Central Elementary School2009 506 $36,750$36,948View Details
South-Western City
2009499avg: $27,972median: $21,328
South-Western City2009 499 $27,972$21,328View Details
Northwest Ohio ESC Educ Serv C
2009476avg: $29,896median: $20,438
Northwest Ohio ESC Educ Serv C2009 476 $29,896$20,438View Details
Westerville City
2009454avg: $22,204median: $14,178
Westerville City2009 454 $22,204$14,178View Details
Springfield High School
2009417avg: $42,923median: $48,970
Springfield High School2009 417 $42,923$48,970View Details
Lucas Educ Serv Cntr
2009413avg: $36,904median: $37,906
Lucas Educ Serv Cntr2009 413 $36,904$37,906View Details
East Elementary School
2009387avg: $36,214median: $40,788
East Elementary School2009 387 $36,214$40,788View Details
D Russel Lee Career Technology
2009359avg: $55,580median: $57,899
D Russel Lee Career Technology2009 359 $55,580$57,899View Details

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