Rhode Island Employee Salaries | 2019

We have 61,157 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $64,935 and median salary is $67,048. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of Narragansett
2019503avg: $29,998median: $6,105
Town of Narragansett2019 503 $29,998$6,105View Details
Town of Barrington
2019175avg: $45,365median: $42,352
Town of Barrington2019 175 $45,365$42,352View Details
Town of East Greenwich
2019171avg: $39,046median: $32,770
Town of East Greenwich2019 171 $39,046$32,770View Details
Town of South Kingstown
2019145avg: $53,879median: $50,204
Town of South Kingstown2019 145 $53,879$50,204View Details
Town of North Kingstown
2019123avg: $48,156median: $46,507
Town of North Kingstown2019 123 $48,156$46,507View Details
Town of North Providence
2019109avg: $41,320median: $40,874
Town of North Providence2019 109 $41,320$40,874View Details
Town of Cumberland
2019105avg: $47,026median: $45,414
Town of Cumberland2019 105 $47,026$45,414View Details
Town of Bristol
201995avg: $52,645median: $52,540
Town of Bristol2019 95 $52,645$52,540View Details
Town of Johnston
201982avg: $43,663median: $44,709
Town of Johnston2019 82 $43,663$44,709View Details
Town of Smithfield
201972avg: $58,795median: $58,824
Town of Smithfield2019 72 $58,795$58,824View Details
Town of Burrillville
201965avg: $55,401median: $54,744
Town of Burrillville2019 65 $55,401$54,744View Details
Town of Jamestown
201952avg: $57,658median: $59,209
Town of Jamestown2019 52 $57,658$59,209View Details
Town of Charlestown
201946avg: $54,013median: $49,955
Town of Charlestown2019 46 $54,013$49,955View Details
Town of Warren
201946avg: $51,386median: $52,545
Town of Warren2019 46 $51,386$52,545View Details
Town of New Shoreham
201945avg: $41,825median: $40,399
Town of New Shoreham2019 45 $41,825$40,399View Details
Town of North Smithfield
201942avg: $49,657median: $46,691
Town of North Smithfield2019 42 $49,657$46,691View Details
Town of Glocester
201941avg: $46,336median: $48,062
Town of Glocester2019 41 $46,336$48,062View Details
Town of Hopkinton
201936avg: $48,735median: $50,574
Town of Hopkinton2019 36 $48,735$50,574View Details
Town of Scituate
201934avg: $49,111median: $48,435
Town of Scituate2019 34 $49,111$48,435View Details
Town of Middletown
201932avg: $70,244median: $58,141
Town of Middletown2019 32 $70,244$58,141View Details