Rhode Island Employers

Employers Number 41

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Atomic Energy Commission
20195avg: $104,089median: $97,266
Atomic Energy Commission2019 5 $104,089$97,266View Details
Board of Elections
20194avg: $95,778median: $86,621
Board of Elections2019 4 $95,778$86,621View Details
Child & Family
2019388avg: $92,625median: $88,712
Child & Family2019 388 $92,625$88,712View Details
Coastal Resources Management Council
201922avg: $87,162median: $79,715
Coastal Resources Management Council2019 22 $87,162$79,715View Details
Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
20191avg: $77,022median: $77,022
Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing2019 1 $77,022$77,022View Details
Community College of Rhode Island
2019224avg: $88,878median: $80,244
Community College of Rhode Island2019 224 $88,878$80,244View Details
Department of Administration
2019385avg: $96,154median: $89,467
Department of Administration2019 385 $96,154$89,467View Details
Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals
2019462avg: $103,672median: $93,993
Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals2019 462 $103,672$93,993View Details
Department of Business Regulation
201969avg: $94,888median: $87,229
Department of Business Regulation2019 69 $94,888$87,229View Details
Department of Corrections
20191,120avg: $106,101median: $99,206
Department of Corrections2019 1,120 $106,101$99,206View Details
Department of Environmental Management
2019214avg: $88,674median: $84,896
Department of Environmental Management2019 214 $88,674$84,896View Details
Department of Health
2019261avg: $88,898median: $83,075
Department of Health2019 261 $88,898$83,075View Details
Department of Human Services
2019364avg: $89,766median: $82,922
Department of Human Services2019 364 $89,766$82,922View Details
Department of Labor and Training
2019109avg: $88,698median: $83,366
Department of Labor and Training2019 109 $88,698$83,366View Details
Department of Revenue
2019152avg: $88,503median: $82,457
Department of Revenue2019 152 $88,503$82,457View Details
Emergency Management Agency
201915avg: $87,366median: $84,200
Emergency Management Agency2019 15 $87,366$84,200View Details
Executive Military Staff
201928avg: $84,405median: $80,007
Executive Military Staff2019 28 $84,405$80,007View Details
Executive Office of Commerce
201911avg: $99,209median: $87,786
Executive Office of Commerce2019 11 $99,209$87,786View Details
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
2019144avg: $101,954median: $96,748
Executive Office of Health and Human Services2019 144 $101,954$96,748View Details
Governor's Commission on Disabilities
20191avg: $90,618median: $90,618
Governor's Commission on Disabilities2019 1 $90,618$90,618View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary