Rhode Island Employee Salaries | 2020

We have 57,588 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $63,425 and median salary is $63,995. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of East Greenwich
2020171avg: $39,746median: $31,300
Town of East Greenwich2020 171 $39,746$31,300View Details
Town of Barrington
2020170avg: $46,716median: $43,110
Town of Barrington2020 170 $46,716$43,110View Details
Town of South Kingstown
2020139avg: $55,645median: $50,989
Town of South Kingstown2020 139 $55,645$50,989View Details
Town of North Kingstown
2020132avg: $47,455median: $48,003
Town of North Kingstown2020 132 $47,455$48,003View Details
Town of Cumberland
2020117avg: $46,522median: $45,795
Town of Cumberland2020 117 $46,522$45,795View Details
Town of North Providence
2020106avg: $46,683median: $46,800
Town of North Providence2020 106 $46,683$46,800View Details
Town of Bristol
202091avg: $52,640median: $54,266
Town of Bristol2020 91 $52,640$54,266View Details
Town of Johnston
202079avg: $44,547median: $43,800
Town of Johnston2020 79 $44,547$43,800View Details
Town of Smithfield
202070avg: $59,099median: $60,938
Town of Smithfield2020 70 $59,099$60,938View Details
Town of Burrillville
202064avg: $56,455median: $56,677
Town of Burrillville2020 64 $56,455$56,677View Details
Town of Jamestown
202051avg: $58,342median: $60,917
Town of Jamestown2020 51 $58,342$60,917View Details
Town of Charlestown
202048avg: $58,522median: $53,689
Town of Charlestown2020 48 $58,522$53,689View Details
Town of Warren
202046avg: $54,201median: $52,572
Town of Warren2020 46 $54,201$52,572View Details
Town of New Shoreham
202044avg: $45,259median: $42,312
Town of New Shoreham2020 44 $45,259$42,312View Details
Town of North Smithfield
202041avg: $49,269median: $46,055
Town of North Smithfield2020 41 $49,269$46,055View Details
Town of Glocester
202039avg: $44,173median: $48,143
Town of Glocester2020 39 $44,173$48,143View Details
Town of Hopkinton
202037avg: $47,484median: $48,466
Town of Hopkinton2020 37 $47,484$48,466View Details
Town of Scituate
202032avg: $52,579median: $50,833
Town of Scituate2020 32 $52,579$50,833View Details
Town of Middletown
202031avg: $71,825median: $59,989
Town of Middletown2020 31 $71,825$59,989View Details
Town of Richmond
202026avg: $46,818median: $42,708
Town of Richmond2020 26 $46,818$42,708View Details