Rhode Island Employers

Employers Number 206

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Rhode Island Department of State
202010,111avg: $64,303median: $58,845
Rhode Island Department of State2020 10,111 $64,303$58,845View Details
City of Providence
20206,950avg: $48,126median: $43,315
City of Providence2020 6,950 $48,126$43,315View Details
University of Rhode Island
20203,014avg: $67,499median: $58,736
University of Rhode Island2020 3,014 $67,499$58,736View Details
Providence Public Schools
20202,085avg: $78,615median: $84,355
Providence Public Schools2020 2,085 $78,615$84,355View Details
Department of Corrections
20201,629avg: $83,057median: $88,425
Department of Corrections2020 1,629 $83,057$88,425View Details
Cranston Public Schools
20201,475avg: $65,589median: $81,592
Cranston Public Schools2020 1,475 $65,589$81,592View Details
Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals
20201,297avg: $65,298median: $57,752
Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals2020 1,297 $65,298$57,752View Details
Department of Environmental Management
20201,064avg: $31,646median: $9,018
Department of Environmental Management2020 1,064 $31,646$9,018View Details
Department of Human Services
20201,058avg: $61,091median: $59,602
Department of Human Services2020 1,058 $61,091$59,602View Details
Pawtucket School Department
20201,004avg: $69,688median: $81,149
Pawtucket School Department2020 1,004 $69,688$81,149View Details
Rhode Island Department of Corrections
2020959avg: $72,751median: $74,637
Rhode Island Department of Corrections2020 959 $72,751$74,637View Details
Rhode Island College
2020957avg: $64,596median: $63,411
Rhode Island College2020 957 $64,596$63,411View Details
Executive Military Staff
2020931avg: $8,970median: $3,842
Executive Military Staff2020 931 $8,970$3,842View Details
Community College of Rhode Island
2020884avg: $56,709median: $54,206
Community College of Rhode Island2020 884 $56,709$54,206View Details
Rhode Island Department of Transportation
2020872avg: $65,766median: $62,953
Rhode Island Department of Transportation2020 872 $65,766$62,953View Details
Warwick School District
2020870avg: $88,122median: $90,354
Warwick School District2020 870 $88,122$90,354View Details
Rhode Island General Assembly
2020824avg: $26,973median: $4,561
Rhode Island General Assembly2020 824 $26,973$4,561View Details
Superior Court Judicial Systems
2020779avg: $74,663median: $62,603
Superior Court Judicial Systems2020 779 $74,663$62,603View Details
Woonsocket City School District
2020766avg: $58,379median: $65,567
Woonsocket City School District2020 766 $58,379$65,567View Details
East Providence School District
2020755avg: $63,292median: $76,684
East Providence School District2020 755 $63,292$76,684View Details

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