Utah Employers

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Employers Number 2297

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Salt Lake City
20173,547avg: $46,454median: $50,949
Salt Lake City2017 3,547 $46,454$50,949View Details
Utah Department of Corrections
20193,508avg: $92,403median: $94,875
Utah Department of Corrections2019 3,508 $92,403$94,875View Details
Provo City School District
20203,504avg: $21,328median: $8,299
Provo City School District2020 3,504 $21,328$8,299View Details
Cache County School District
20203,425avg: $25,932median: $10,774
Cache County School District2020 3,425 $25,932$10,774View Details
Cache County School District
20193,377avg: $25,458median: $11,324
Cache County School District2019 3,377 $25,458$11,324View Details
Salt Lake City School District
20193,308avg: $40,304median: $35,110
Salt Lake City School District2019 3,308 $40,304$35,110View Details
School District Of Cache
20183,123avg: $23,598median: $10,298
School District Of Cache2018 3,123 $23,598$10,298View Details
Weber State University
20193,087avg: $34,399median: $22,483
Weber State University2019 3,087 $34,399$22,483View Details
School District Of Cache
20172,960avg: $22,277median: $9,519
School District Of Cache2017 2,960 $22,277$9,519View Details
Department of Workforce Services
20192,925avg: $73,737median: $76,601
Department of Workforce Services2019 2,925 $73,737$76,601View Details
Weber State University
20172,920avg: $30,090median: $18,552
Weber State University2017 2,920 $30,090$18,552View Details
Utah Department of Natural Resources
20192,909avg: $49,833median: $28,897
Utah Department of Natural Resources2019 2,909 $49,833$28,897View Details
Weber State University
20182,846avg: $31,125median: $20,109
Weber State University2018 2,846 $31,125$20,109View Details
Utah Transit Authority
20192,660avg: $33,410median: $34,717
Utah Transit Authority2019 2,660 $33,410$34,717View Details
Utah Transportation Department
20192,572avg: $88,221median: $89,871
Utah Transportation Department2019 2,572 $88,221$89,871View Details
Dept Of Corrections
20182,555avg: $47,019median: $48,777
Dept Of Corrections2018 2,555 $47,019$48,777View Details
Dept Of Corrections
20172,508avg: $44,595median: $45,400
Dept Of Corrections2017 2,508 $44,595$45,400View Details
Provo City School District
20192,479avg: $28,313median: $15,370
Provo City School District2019 2,479 $28,313$15,370View Details
Dept Of Natural Resources
20182,430avg: $25,085median: $11,448
Dept Of Natural Resources2018 2,430 $25,085$11,448View Details
Dept Of Workforce Services
20172,425avg: $37,189median: $39,087
Dept Of Workforce Services2017 2,425 $37,189$39,087View Details

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