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What is the salary of a Teacher Assignment? In the United States, a Teacher Assignment earns an average salary of a $68,316. The salary range for a Teacher Assignment is usually between $52,158 and $81,937 per year, representing the 25th to 75th percentiles respectively. The top 10% of earners, that is the 90th percentile, have an annual salary of $92,509. The highest Teacher Assignment salary in the United States was $203,232.The average hourly pay for a Teacher Assignment is $32.84.

Employers paying the highest salary for a Teacher Assignment job are Orange Schools (OH), Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (OH) and Mayfield City Schools (OH).

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Top Paid Teacher Assignment

April McGough
Sylvania Southview High School, OH
April McGoughOHSylvania Southview High SchoolView Details
Lauren Siggers
T2 Honors Academy, OH
Lauren SiggersOHT2 Honors AcademyView Details
Mary Beal
Rise & Shine Academy, OH
Mary BealOHRise & Shine AcademyView Details
Pamela Shawgo
Brown Street Academy, OH
Pamela ShawgoOHBrown Street AcademyView Details
Leslie Zartman
Liberty Center Local, OH
Leslie ZartmanOHLiberty Center LocalView Details
Lindsey Miller
Canton City School District, OH
Lindsey MillerOHCanton City School DistrictView Details
Amy Huelsman
Centerville City Schools, OH
Amy HuelsmanOHCenterville City SchoolsView Details
Kelly Stein
Mentor Exempted Village, OH
Kelly SteinOHMentor Exempted VillageView Details
Lauren Denk
Mentor Public Schools, OH
Lauren DenkOHMentor Public SchoolsView Details
Donna Caudill
Summit Academy Middle School - Columbus, OH
Donna CaudillOHSummit Academy Middle School - ColumbusView Details
Kelly Lo
Mentor Exempted Village, OH
Kelly LoOHMentor Exempted VillageView Details
Stacie Rubinol
Lamont Elementary, CA
Stacie RubinolCALamont ElementaryView Details
Lorian Kilbane
Berea City School District, OH
Lorian KilbaneOHBerea City School DistrictView Details
Christina Barr
Springboro Community City, OH
Christina BarrOHSpringboro Community CityView Details
Christina Barr
Springboro Community City, OH
Christina BarrOHSpringboro Community CityView Details
Jamie Gray
Lamont Elementary, CA
Jamie GrayCALamont ElementaryView Details
Andrew Winter
Cloverleaf High School, OH
Andrew WinterOHCloverleaf High SchoolView Details
Judy Godfray
Virtual Schoolhouse Inc., OH
Judy GodfrayOHVirtual Schoolhouse Inc.View Details
Marshall Richert
Lamont Elementary, CA
Marshall RichertCALamont ElementaryView Details
Susie Murillo
Lamont Elementary, CA
Susie MurilloCALamont ElementaryView Details
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