Delaware Employers

Employers Number 331

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Red Clay School District
20162,997avg: $41,963median: $41,034
Red Clay School District2016 2,997 $41,963$41,034View Details
Christina School Distric
20162,825avg: $40,043median: $39,160
Christina School Distric2016 2,825 $40,043$39,160View Details
Brandywine School Distri
20162,101avg: $45,040median: $43,286
Brandywine School Distri2016 2,101 $45,040$43,286View Details
Indian River School Dist
20162,031avg: $48,050median: $48,417
Indian River School Dist2016 2,031 $48,050$48,417View Details
Appoquinimink School Dis
20162,016avg: $34,192median: $32,801
Appoquinimink School Dis2016 2,016 $34,192$32,801View Details
Cape Henlopen School Dis
20161,710avg: $43,845median: $39,848
Cape Henlopen School Dis2016 1,710 $43,845$39,848View Details
Colonial School District
20161,708avg: $46,991median: $45,943
Colonial School District2016 1,708 $46,991$45,943View Details
Capital School District
20161,635avg: $31,657median: $27,838
Capital School District2016 1,635 $31,657$27,838View Details
New Castle County Vo-tec
20161,378avg: $34,643median: $22,150
New Castle County Vo-tec2016 1,378 $34,643$22,150View Details
Dtcc/owens Campus
20161,340avg: $17,152median: $5,598
Dtcc/owens Campus2016 1,340 $17,152$5,598View Details
Caesar Rodney School Dis
20161,279avg: $36,467median: $38,494
Caesar Rodney School Dis2016 1,279 $36,467$38,494View Details
Dtcc/stanton Campus
20161,119avg: $18,454median: $4,594
Dtcc/stanton Campus2016 1,119 $18,454$4,594View Details
Smyrna School District
2016999avg: $33,445median: $34,032
Smyrna School District2016 999 $33,445$34,032View Details
Dtcc/terry Campus
2016980avg: $17,210median: $5,237
Dtcc/terry Campus2016 980 $17,210$5,237View Details
Dtcc/george Campus
2016902avg: $16,569median: $5,029
Dtcc/george Campus2016 902 $16,569$5,029View Details
Dnrec/parks And Recreation
2016840avg: $12,823median: $6,571
Dnrec/parks And Recreation2016 840 $12,823$6,571View Details
Doc/prisons/james T Vaughn Cc
2016809avg: $31,713median: $33,375
Doc/prisons/james T Vaughn Cc2016 809 $31,713$33,375View Details
Milford School District
2016796avg: $43,209median: $43,371
Milford School District2016 796 $43,209$43,371View Details
Seaford School District
2016768avg: $33,791median: $34,895
Seaford School District2016 768 $33,791$34,895View Details
Lake Forest School Distr
2016752avg: $36,698median: $36,153
Lake Forest School Distr2016 752 $36,698$36,153View Details

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