Delaware Employers

Employers Number 342

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Red Clay School District
20153,001avg: $39,347median: $35,568
Red Clay School District2015 3,001 $39,347$35,568View Details
Christina School Distric
20152,887avg: $42,599median: $42,169
Christina School Distric2015 2,887 $42,599$42,169View Details
Brandywine School Distri
20152,123avg: $44,556median: $42,688
Brandywine School Distri2015 2,123 $44,556$42,688View Details
Indian River School Dist
20152,029avg: $35,373median: $35,606
Indian River School Dist2015 2,029 $35,373$35,606View Details
Appoquinimink School Dis
20151,815avg: $36,033median: $35,546
Appoquinimink School Dis2015 1,815 $36,033$35,546View Details
Colonial School District
20151,685avg: $43,363median: $43,178
Colonial School District2015 1,685 $43,363$43,178View Details
Cape Henlopen School Dis
20151,675avg: $31,030median: $22,356
Cape Henlopen School Dis2015 1,675 $31,030$22,356View Details
Capital School District
20151,607avg: $32,966median: $29,378
Capital School District2015 1,607 $32,966$29,378View Details
Dtcc/owens Campus
20151,352avg: $16,722median: $4,970
Dtcc/owens Campus2015 1,352 $16,722$4,970View Details
Caesar Rodney School Dis
20151,308avg: $36,532median: $37,675
Caesar Rodney School Dis2015 1,308 $36,532$37,675View Details
New Castle County Vo-tec
20151,243avg: $36,676median: $23,049
New Castle County Vo-tec2015 1,243 $36,676$23,049View Details
Dtcc/stanton Campus
20151,178avg: $16,835median: $3,649
Dtcc/stanton Campus2015 1,178 $16,835$3,649View Details
Dtcc/terry Campus
20151,003avg: $16,768median: $4,586
Dtcc/terry Campus2015 1,003 $16,768$4,586View Details
Smyrna School District
2015980avg: $34,308median: $34,634
Smyrna School District2015 980 $34,308$34,634View Details
Dtcc/orlando J George Jrcampus
2015933avg: $16,267median: $4,482
Dtcc/orlando J George Jrcampus2015 933 $16,267$4,482View Details
Dnrec/parks And Recreation
2015822avg: $13,073median: $6,447
Dnrec/parks And Recreation2015 822 $13,073$6,447View Details
Milford School District
2015794avg: $32,699median: $33,109
Milford School District2015 794 $32,699$33,109View Details
Seaford School District
2015789avg: $34,074median: $33,329
Seaford School District2015 789 $34,074$33,329View Details
Doc/prisons/james T Vaughn Cc
2015784avg: $42,310median: $42,523
Doc/prisons/james T Vaughn Cc2015 784 $42,310$42,523View Details
Lake Forest School Distr
2015770avg: $34,834median: $34,393
Lake Forest School Distr2015 770 $34,834$34,393View Details

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