Indiana Employers

Employers Number 2061

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State Of Indiana
201438,506avg: $36,334median: $35,036
State Of Indiana2014 38,506 $36,334$35,036View Details
Purdue University
201435,804avg: $25,186median: $9,000
Purdue University2014 35,804 $25,186$9,000View Details
Ivy Tech Community College
201412,067avg: $20,282median: $8,878
Ivy Tech Community College2014 12,067 $20,282$8,878View Details
Ball State University
201411,133avg: $19,504median: $4,108
Ball State University2014 11,133 $19,504$4,108View Details
Marion County Health And Hospital
20146,081avg: $42,120median: $35,600
Marion County Health And Hospital2014 6,081 $42,120$35,600View Details
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation
20146,061avg: $28,392median: $18,934
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation2014 6,061 $28,392$18,934View Details
Indianapolis Public School Corporation
20145,985avg: $35,097median: $34,629
Indianapolis Public School Corporation2014 5,985 $35,097$34,629View Details
University Of Southern Indiana
20145,557avg: $10,444median: $1,917
University Of Southern Indiana2014 5,557 $10,444$1,917View Details
Indiana State University
20145,499avg: $18,217median: $4,076
Indiana State University2014 5,499 $18,217$4,076View Details
Indianapolis Consolidated City
20145,167avg: $52,816median: $65,697
Indianapolis Consolidated City2014 5,167 $52,816$65,697View Details
Hammond City School Corporation
20145,144avg: $15,702median: $4,555
Hammond City School Corporation2014 5,144 $15,702$4,555View Details
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation
20144,318avg: $29,174median: $25,304
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation2014 4,318 $29,174$25,304View Details
South Bend Community School Corporation
20144,075avg: $26,280median: $19,208
South Bend Community School Corporation2014 4,075 $26,280$19,208View Details
Marion County
20143,769avg: $31,136median: $31,101
Marion County2014 3,769 $31,136$31,101View Details
Carmel-Clay School Corporation
20143,744avg: $23,870median: $14,483
Carmel-Clay School Corporation2014 3,744 $23,870$14,483View Details
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation
20143,078avg: $29,475median: $20,447
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation2014 3,078 $29,475$20,447View Details
Lake County
20143,061avg: $22,457median: $21,984
Lake County2014 3,061 $22,457$21,984View Details
Vigo County School Corporation
20143,060avg: $25,040median: $13,603
Vigo County School Corporation2014 3,060 $25,040$13,603View Details
Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation
20142,975avg: $14,954median: $3,223
Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation2014 2,975 $14,954$3,223View Details
Vincennes University
20142,878avg: $16,120median: $3,879
Vincennes University2014 2,878 $16,120$3,879View Details

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