Indiana Employers

Employers Number 2651

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Indiana University (State)
201850,940avg: $31,296median: $14,400
Indiana University (State)2018 50,940 $31,296$14,400View Details
State Of Indiana (State)
201840,591avg: $38,365median: $37,028
State Of Indiana (State)2018 40,591 $38,365$37,028View Details
Purdue University (State)
201838,381avg: $27,880median: $9,360
Purdue University (State)2018 38,381 $27,880$9,360View Details
Ball State University (State)
201810,832avg: $21,636median: $4,737
Ball State University (State)2018 10,832 $21,636$4,737View Details
Ivy Tech Community College (State)
201810,566avg: $22,266median: $9,393
Ivy Tech Community College (State)2018 10,566 $22,266$9,393View Details
Indiana State University (State)
20185,745avg: $19,630median: $4,200
Indiana State University (State)2018 5,745 $19,630$4,200View Details
University Of Southern Indiana (State)
20185,693avg: $11,294median: $2,430
University Of Southern Indiana (State)2018 5,693 $11,294$2,430View Details
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation (Allen)
20185,479avg: $31,468median: $24,782
Fort Wayne Community School Corporation (Allen)2018 5,479 $31,468$24,782View Details
Indianapolis Consolidated City (Marion)
20185,332avg: $58,775median: $66,020
Indianapolis Consolidated City (Marion)2018 5,332 $58,775$66,020View Details
Indianapolis Public School Corporation (Marion)
20185,304avg: $35,207median: $34,607
Indianapolis Public School Corporation (Marion)2018 5,304 $35,207$34,607View Details
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (Vanderburgh)
20184,466avg: $30,474median: $26,160
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (Vanderburgh)2018 4,466 $30,474$26,160View Details
Hammond City School Corporation (Lake)
20184,206avg: $19,511median: $7,547
Hammond City School Corporation (Lake)2018 4,206 $19,511$7,547View Details
Marion County (Marion)
20183,740avg: $32,559median: $32,447
Marion County (Marion)2018 3,740 $32,559$32,447View Details
South Bend Community School Corporation (St. Joseph)
20183,707avg: $28,605median: $24,740
South Bend Community School Corporation (St. Joseph)2018 3,707 $28,605$24,740View Details
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation (Hamilton)
20183,452avg: $30,120median: $20,402
Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation (Hamilton)2018 3,452 $30,120$20,402View Details
Lake County (Lake)
20183,368avg: $24,970median: $21,890
Lake County (Lake)2018 3,368 $24,970$21,890View Details
Carmel-Clay School Corporation (Hamilton)
20183,150avg: $30,663median: $20,819
Carmel-Clay School Corporation (Hamilton)2018 3,150 $30,663$20,819View Details
Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation (St. Joseph)
20183,097avg: $18,618median: $6,925
Penn-Harris-Madison-School Corporation (St. Joseph)2018 3,097 $18,618$6,925View Details
M.S.D. Lawrence Township School Corporation (Marion)
20182,884avg: $34,274median: $27,108
M.S.D. Lawrence Township School Corporation (Marion)2018 2,884 $34,274$27,108View Details
Vigo County School Corporation (Vigo)
20182,861avg: $29,755median: $21,371
Vigo County School Corporation (Vigo)2018 2,861 $29,755$21,371View Details

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