Rhode Island Employee Salaries

We have 26,575 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $63,164 and median salary is $60,810. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Central Falls 1972+ Police and Fire Pension Fund
202263avg: $68,191median: $68,773
Central Falls 1972+ Police and Fire Pension Fund2022 63 $68,191$68,773View Details
Central Falls Police & Fire Department
202222avg: $38,086median: $31,647
Central Falls Police & Fire Department2022 22 $38,086$31,647View Details
Lime Rock Fire Department
202213avg: $56,297median: $58,017
Lime Rock Fire Department2022 13 $56,297$58,017View Details
West Warwick Fire Department
202211avg: $47,890median: $48,693
West Warwick Fire Department2022 11 $47,890$48,693View Details
Cranston Fire
2018178avg: $78,058median: $79,823
Cranston Fire2018 178 $78,058$79,823View Details
Woonsocket Fire Dept.
2018106avg: $66,922median: $66,632
Woonsocket Fire Dept.2018 106 $66,922$66,632View Details
North Providence Fire Dept.
201893avg: $56,981median: $62,812
North Providence Fire Dept.2018 93 $56,981$62,812View Details
North Kingstown Fire Dept.
201869avg: $66,549median: $68,523
North Kingstown Fire Dept.2018 69 $66,549$68,523View Details
Middletown Police & Fire
201861avg: $68,513median: $64,286
Middletown Police & Fire2018 61 $68,513$64,286View Details
East Greenwich Fire Dist.
201838avg: $68,389median: $68,686
East Greenwich Fire Dist.2018 38 $68,389$68,686View Details
Central Coventry Fire Dist.
201831avg: $54,310median: $61,941
Central Coventry Fire Dist.2018 31 $54,310$61,941View Details
Tiverton Fire Dept.
201829avg: $61,749median: $66,823
Tiverton Fire Dept.2018 29 $61,749$66,823View Details
Barrington Fire Dept. (25 Plan)
201827avg: $62,371median: $66,366
Barrington Fire Dept. (25 Plan)2018 27 $62,371$66,366View Details
North Smithfield Fire & Rescue Services
201822avg: $60,402median: $60,756
North Smithfield Fire & Rescue Services2018 22 $60,402$60,756View Details
Cumberland Fire Dist.
201817avg: $60,503median: $61,648
Cumberland Fire Dist.2018 17 $60,503$61,648View Details
Hopkins Hill Fire Dept.
201812avg: $60,734median: $61,678
Hopkins Hill Fire Dept.2018 12 $60,734$61,678View Details
Cumberland Hill Fire Dist.
201812avg: $64,260median: $62,030
Cumberland Hill Fire Dist.2018 12 $64,260$62,030View Details
North Cumberland Fire District
201811avg: $63,509median: $62,030
North Cumberland Fire District2018 11 $63,509$62,030View Details
Valley Falls Fire Dist.
201810avg: $64,589median: $66,961
Valley Falls Fire Dist.2018 10 $64,589$66,961View Details
Coventry Fire Dist.
20189avg: $60,534median: $62,296
Coventry Fire Dist.2018 9 $60,534$62,296View Details