Rhode Island Employee Salaries

We have 18,105 RI state salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in RI is $69,412 and median salary is $67,863. Look up RI government salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Providence by school name or teacher name.

Rhode Island Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
State Police
2018226avg: $99,290median: $88,143
State Police2018 226 $99,290$88,143View Details
Cranston Police
2018147avg: $71,349median: $73,189
Cranston Police2018 147 $71,349$73,189View Details
Woonsocket Police Dept.
201892avg: $65,852median: $65,466
Woonsocket Police Dept.2018 92 $65,852$65,466View Details
South Kingstown Police
201853avg: $64,285median: $67,842
South Kingstown Police2018 53 $64,285$67,842View Details
North Kingstown Police Dept.
201847avg: $71,598median: $74,275
North Kingstown Police Dept.2018 47 $71,598$74,275View Details
Smithfield Police Dept.
201842avg: $73,647median: $70,860
Smithfield Police Dept.2018 42 $73,647$70,860View Details
Bristol Police
201839avg: $65,652median: $71,620
Bristol Police2018 39 $65,652$71,620View Details
East Greenwich Police Dept.
201834avg: $73,127median: $70,153
East Greenwich Police Dept.2018 34 $73,127$70,153View Details
North Smithfield Police Dept.
201826avg: $60,069median: $68,877
North Smithfield Police Dept.2018 26 $60,069$68,877View Details
Burrillville Police Dept.
201826avg: $59,629median: $66,203
Burrillville Police Dept.2018 26 $59,629$66,203View Details
Warren Police Dept.
201825avg: $65,725median: $67,746
Warren Police Dept.2018 25 $65,725$67,746View Details
Barrington Police Dept.
201824avg: $67,811median: $68,625
Barrington Police Dept.2018 24 $67,811$68,625View Details
Charlestown Police Dept.
201818avg: $67,132median: $72,162
Charlestown Police Dept.2018 18 $67,132$72,162View Details
West Greenwich Police/Rescue
201817avg: $59,776median: $61,402
West Greenwich Police/Rescue2018 17 $59,776$61,402View Details
Glocester Police Dept.
201815avg: $74,040median: $73,658
Glocester Police Dept.2018 15 $74,040$73,658View Details
Richmond Police Dept.
201814avg: $53,938median: $62,546
Richmond Police Dept.2018 14 $53,938$62,546View Details
Hopkinton Police Dept.
201814avg: $74,320median: $76,864
Hopkinton Police Dept.2018 14 $74,320$76,864View Details
Foster Police Dept.
20189avg: $55,832median: $59,717
Foster Police Dept.2018 9 $55,832$59,717View Details
New Shoreham Police Dept.
20186avg: $63,627median: $62,511
New Shoreham Police Dept.2018 6 $63,627$62,511View Details
Scituate Police Dept. - Est 7/1/16
20185avg: $55,585median: $58,088
Scituate Police Dept. - Est 7/1/162018 5 $55,585$58,088View Details