Virginia Employers

Employers Number 559

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
School District Of Fairfax County
201827,809avg: $60,568median: $59,557
School District Of Fairfax County2018 27,809 $60,568$59,557View Details
School District Of Loudoun County
201816,454avg: $42,812median: $36,532
School District Of Loudoun County2018 16,454 $42,812$36,532View Details
University Of Virginia
201812,548avg: $72,087median: $56,160
University Of Virginia2018 12,548 $72,087$56,160View Details
County Of Fairfax
201812,497avg: $74,082median: $70,531
County Of Fairfax2018 12,497 $74,082$70,531View Details
School District Of Virginia Beach City
201810,219avg: $44,562median: $46,908
School District Of Virginia Beach City2018 10,219 $44,562$46,908View Details
City Of Virginia Beach
20188,810avg: $42,723median: $43,020
City Of Virginia Beach2018 8,810 $42,723$43,020View Details
Polytechnic Institute And State University of Virginia
20187,982avg: $73,193median: $57,033
Polytechnic Institute And State University of Virginia2018 7,982 $73,193$57,033View Details
Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development
20187,918avg: $73,235median: $57,133
Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development2018 7,918 $73,235$57,133View Details
School District Of Chesterfield County
20187,273avg: $45,739median: $48,560
School District Of Chesterfield County2018 7,273 $45,739$48,560View Details
County of Prince William
20186,748avg: $47,309median: $48,356
County of Prince William2018 6,748 $47,309$48,356View Details
County Of Loudoun
20186,606avg: $39,013median: $30,651
County Of Loudoun2018 6,606 $39,013$30,651View Details
City Of Norfolk
20186,093avg: $41,085median: $40,262
City Of Norfolk2018 6,093 $41,085$40,262View Details
School District Of Chesapeake
20185,798avg: $45,267median: $48,393
School District Of Chesapeake2018 5,798 $45,267$48,393View Details
School District Of Henrico County
20185,793avg: $46,869median: $47,914
School District Of Henrico County2018 5,793 $46,869$47,914View Details
Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control
20185,361avg: $16,245median: $10,127
Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control2018 5,361 $16,245$10,127View Details
School District Of Newport News City
20185,330avg: $35,152median: $37,713
School District Of Newport News City2018 5,330 $35,152$37,713View Details
School District Of Stafford County
20185,249avg: $30,472median: $20,446
School District Of Stafford County2018 5,249 $30,472$20,446View Details
Northern Virginia Community College
20185,170avg: $30,753median: $14,722
Northern Virginia Community College2018 5,170 $30,753$14,722View Details
City Of Chesapeake
20184,780avg: $34,790median: $35,864
City Of Chesapeake2018 4,780 $34,790$35,864View Details
School District Of Norfolk City
20184,460avg: $15,377median: $16,506
School District Of Norfolk City2018 4,460 $15,377$16,506View Details

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