Virginia Employers

Employers Number 575

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
School District Of Fairfax County
201725,731avg: $61,460median: $60,805
School District Of Fairfax County2017 25,731 $61,460$60,805View Details
School District Of Loudoun County
201715,770avg: $41,936median: $35,316
School District Of Loudoun County2017 15,770 $41,936$35,316View Details
County of Fairfax
201712,446avg: $71,586median: $68,254
County of Fairfax2017 12,446 $71,586$68,254View Details
University Of Virginia
201711,170avg: $68,757median: $51,975
University Of Virginia2017 11,170 $68,757$51,975View Details
School District Of Virginia Beach City
20179,942avg: $43,795median: $45,329
School District Of Virginia Beach City2017 9,942 $43,795$45,329View Details
City Of Virginia Beach
20178,509avg: $42,935median: $43,178
City Of Virginia Beach2017 8,509 $42,935$43,178View Details
Polytechnic Institute And State University of Virginia
20177,681avg: $71,708median: $55,723
Polytechnic Institute And State University of Virginia2017 7,681 $71,708$55,723View Details
School District Of Chesterfield County
20177,070avg: $45,310median: $47,713
School District Of Chesterfield County2017 7,070 $45,310$47,713View Details
County of Prince William
20176,653avg: $45,231median: $45,940
County of Prince William2017 6,653 $45,231$45,940View Details
City Of Norfolk
20176,177avg: $39,777median: $39,563
City Of Norfolk2017 6,177 $39,777$39,563View Details
School District Of Stafford County
20175,813avg: $30,437median: $21,247
School District Of Stafford County2017 5,813 $30,437$21,247View Details
School District Of Chesapeake
20175,652avg: $44,759median: $47,960
School District Of Chesapeake2017 5,652 $44,759$47,960View Details
County of Loudoun
20175,238avg: $35,848median: $19,476
County of Loudoun2017 5,238 $35,848$19,476View Details
Northern Virginia Community College
20175,172avg: $30,066median: $14,085
Northern Virginia Community College2017 5,172 $30,066$14,085View Details
School District Of Henrico County
20175,103avg: $45,427median: $46,441
School District Of Henrico County2017 5,103 $45,427$46,441View Details
School District Of Norfolk City
20175,039avg: $39,284median: $43,711
School District Of Norfolk City2017 5,039 $39,284$43,711View Details
City Of Richmond
20174,987avg: $50,691median: $45,097
City Of Richmond2017 4,987 $50,691$45,097View Details
Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control
20174,867avg: $16,871median: $10,931
Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control2017 4,867 $16,871$10,931View Details
School District Of Newport News City
20174,635avg: $39,962median: $44,588
School District Of Newport News City2017 4,635 $39,962$44,588View Details
County of Arlington
20174,437avg: $66,114median: $62,504
County of Arlington2017 4,437 $66,114$62,504View Details

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