Washington State Employee Salaries

We have 155,688 Washington state employee salaries in our database. Average Washington state employee salary is $73,579 and median salary is $70,959. Look up washington state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Washington Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
King County
202219,348avg: $83,627median: $87,453
King County2022 19,348 $83,627$87,453View Details
Snohomish County
20223,595avg: $6,079median: $6,262
Snohomish County2022 3,595 $6,079$6,262View Details
Pierce County
20223,459avg: $79,685median: $83,015
Pierce County2022 3,459 $79,685$83,015View Details
Spokane County
20222,676avg: $49,325median: $39,827
Spokane County2022 2,676 $49,325$39,827View Details
Clark County
20221,908avg: $65,814median: $63,324
Clark County2022 1,908 $65,814$63,324View Details
Thurston County
20221,589avg: $62,938median: $64,412
Thurston County2022 1,589 $62,938$64,412View Details
Kitsap County
20221,542avg: $65,467median: $65,931
Kitsap County2022 1,542 $65,467$65,931View Details
Whatcom County
20221,197avg: $63,092median: $64,266
Whatcom County2022 1,197 $63,092$64,266View Details
Skagit County
20221,169avg: $48,671median: $49,555
Skagit County2022 1,169 $48,671$49,555View Details
Yakima County
2022891avg: $60,487median: $56,271
Yakima County2022 891 $60,487$56,271View Details
Lewis County
2022825avg: $48,260median: $50,066
Lewis County2022 825 $48,260$50,066View Details
Benton County
2022722avg: $77,257median: $72,336
Benton County2022 722 $77,257$72,336View Details
Grant County
2022718avg: $60,384median: $60,887
Grant County2022 718 $60,384$60,887View Details
Cowlitz County
2022702avg: $56,083median: $57,134
Cowlitz County2022 702 $56,083$57,134View Details
Grays Harbor County
2022556avg: $55,835median: $57,544
Grays Harbor County2022 556 $55,835$57,544View Details
Clallam County
2022538avg: $54,488median: $56,621
Clallam County2022 538 $54,488$56,621View Details
Kittitas County
2022511avg: $47,735median: $52,464
Kittitas County2022 511 $47,735$52,464View Details
Mason County
2022509avg: $54,300median: $56,010
Mason County2022 509 $54,300$56,010View Details
Okanogan County
2022405avg: $49,372median: $48,683
Okanogan County2022 405 $49,372$48,683View Details
Walla Walla County
2022372avg: $51,922median: $50,403
Walla Walla County2022 372 $51,922$50,403View Details