Washington State Employee Salaries

We have 156,002 Washington state employee salaries in our database. Average Washington state employee salary is $73,540 and median salary is $70,883. Look up washington state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Washington Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of Steilacoom
202290avg: $39,942median: $11,840
Town of Steilacoom2022 90 $39,942$11,840View Details
Town of Friday Harbor
202253avg: $60,523median: $71,364
Town of Friday Harbor2022 53 $60,523$71,364View Details
Town of Twisp
202234avg: $21,071median: $7,296
Town of Twisp2022 34 $21,071$7,296View Details
Town of Cathlamet
202233avg: $15,413median: $4,471
Town of Cathlamet2022 33 $15,413$4,471View Details
Town of Eatonville
202232avg: $54,622median: $58,097
Town of Eatonville2022 32 $54,622$58,097View Details
Town of Winthrop
202228avg: $27,664median: $14,354
Town of Winthrop2022 28 $27,664$14,354View Details
Town of Odessa
202226avg: $15,883median: $2,799
Town of Odessa2022 26 $15,883$2,799View Details
Town of Waterville
202223avg: $15,446median: $3,105
Town of Waterville2022 23 $15,446$3,105View Details
Town of Coulee Dam
202220avg: $38,405median: $40,509
Town of Coulee Dam2022 20 $38,405$40,509View Details
Town of La Conner
202220avg: $33,337median: $19,591
Town of La Conner2022 20 $33,337$19,591View Details
Town of Woodway
202220avg: $32,208median: $17,241
Town of Woodway2022 20 $32,208$17,241View Details
Town of Coupeville
202220avg: $47,409median: $47,707
Town of Coupeville2022 20 $47,409$47,707View Details
Town of Concrete
202218avg: $16,711median: $8,673
Town of Concrete2022 18 $16,711$8,673View Details
Town of Wilkeson
202214avg: $14,863median: $875
Town of Wilkeson2022 14 $14,863$875View Details
Town of Carbonado
202213avg: $17,096median: $1,400
Town of Carbonado2022 13 $17,096$1,400View Details
Town of South Prairie
202213avg: $9,276median: $775
Town of South Prairie2022 13 $9,276$775View Details
Town of Yacolt
202212avg: $14,997median: $1,125
Town of Yacolt2022 12 $14,997$1,125View Details
Town of Skykomish
202210avg: $22,393median: $12,991
Town of Skykomish2022 10 $22,393$12,991View Details
Town of Yarrow Point
20229avg: $34,607median: $2,304
Town of Yarrow Point2022 9 $34,607$2,304View Details
Town of Metaline
20229avg: $15,533median: $650
Town of Metaline2022 9 $15,533$650View Details