Kentucky Employers

Employers Number 429

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Kentucky
202022,613avg: $66,012median: $51,070
University of Kentucky2020 22,613 $66,012$51,070View Details
Jefferson County Public School District
202015,585avg: $49,356median: $48,944
Jefferson County Public School District2020 15,585 $49,356$48,944View Details
Kentucky Community & Technical College System
20208,983avg: $25,722median: $13,806
Kentucky Community & Technical College System2020 8,983 $25,722$13,806View Details
Fayette County Public School District
20207,627avg: $40,013median: $42,432
Fayette County Public School District2020 7,627 $40,013$42,432View Details
Kentucky National Guard
20207,399avg: $43,645median: $34,697
Kentucky National Guard2020 7,399 $43,645$34,697View Details
City of Louisville
20206,482avg: $51,399median: $50,883
City of Louisville2020 6,482 $51,399$50,883View Details
Department for Community Based Services
20204,307avg: $37,405median: $37,094
Department for Community Based Services2020 4,307 $37,405$37,094View Details
Boone County School District
20203,902avg: $33,385median: $31,554
Boone County School District2020 3,902 $33,385$31,554View Details
Department of Corrections
20203,550avg: $37,404median: $35,888
Department of Corrections2020 3,550 $37,404$35,888View Details
Administrative Office of the Courts
20203,230avg: $46,230median: $35,280
Administrative Office of the Courts2020 3,230 $46,230$35,280View Details
Eastern Kentucky University
20202,967avg: $35,557median: $31,776
Eastern Kentucky University2020 2,967 $35,557$31,776View Details
Hardin County School District
20202,795avg: $30,283median: $20,951
Hardin County School District2020 2,795 $30,283$20,951View Details
Warren County Public School District
20202,582avg: $31,189median: $29,781
Warren County Public School District2020 2,582 $31,189$29,781View Details
Northern Kentucky University
20202,541avg: $42,066median: $36,135
Northern Kentucky University2020 2,541 $42,066$36,135View Details
Kenton County School District
20202,374avg: $33,752median: $30,549
Kenton County School District2020 2,374 $33,752$30,549View Details
Bullitt County Public School District
20202,329avg: $30,589median: $22,672
Bullitt County Public School District2020 2,329 $30,589$22,672View Details
Daviess County Public School District
20202,095avg: $31,388median: $23,785
Daviess County Public School District2020 2,095 $31,388$23,785View Details
Oldham County School District
20202,027avg: $34,643median: $37,688
Oldham County School District2020 2,027 $34,643$37,688View Details
Madison County School District
20201,948avg: $29,820median: $24,062
Madison County School District2020 1,948 $29,820$24,062View Details
Murray State University
20201,750avg: $38,770median: $32,663
Murray State University2020 1,750 $38,770$32,663View Details

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