Kentucky Employers

Employers Number 476

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Kentucky
201922,559avg: $63,718median: $49,462
University of Kentucky2019 22,559 $63,718$49,462View Details
Jefferson County Public School District
201915,662avg: $48,825median: $48,655
Jefferson County Public School District2019 15,662 $48,825$48,655View Details
City of Louisville
201911,041avg: $48,812median: $50,284
City of Louisville2019 11,041 $48,812$50,284View Details
Kentucky Community & Technical College System
20198,064avg: $21,748median: $14,497
Kentucky Community & Technical College System2019 8,064 $21,748$14,497View Details
Kentucky National Guard
20197,549avg: $41,859median: $33,653
Kentucky National Guard2019 7,549 $41,859$33,653View Details
Fayette County Public School District
20197,330avg: $40,392median: $43,067
Fayette County Public School District2019 7,330 $40,392$43,067View Details
University of Louisville
20196,258avg: $80,053median: $57,340
University of Louisville2019 6,258 $80,053$57,340View Details
Department for Community Based Services
20194,369avg: $37,448median: $37,800
Department for Community Based Services2019 4,369 $37,448$37,800View Details
Department of Corrections
20193,722avg: $37,030median: $35,280
Department of Corrections2019 3,722 $37,030$35,280View Details
Boone County School District
20193,703avg: $33,145median: $30,701
Boone County School District2019 3,703 $33,145$30,701View Details
Administrative Office of the Courts
20193,376avg: $45,307median: $34,851
Administrative Office of the Courts2019 3,376 $45,307$34,851View Details
City of Lexington
20193,303avg: $49,539median: $47,029
City of Lexington2019 3,303 $49,539$47,029View Details
Hardin County School District
20192,712avg: $30,573median: $22,770
Hardin County School District2019 2,712 $30,573$22,770View Details
Eastern Kentucky University
20192,593avg: $38,037median: $38,279
Eastern Kentucky University2019 2,593 $38,037$38,279View Details
Northern Kentucky University
20192,517avg: $39,635median: $32,261
Northern Kentucky University2019 2,517 $39,635$32,261View Details
Warren County Public School District
20192,451avg: $31,421median: $33,573
Warren County Public School District2019 2,451 $31,421$33,573View Details
Kenton County School District
20192,364avg: $33,779median: $32,438
Kenton County School District2019 2,364 $33,779$32,438View Details
Bullitt County Public School District
20192,214avg: $31,163median: $23,706
Bullitt County Public School District2019 2,214 $31,163$23,706View Details
Daviess County Public School District
20192,031avg: $31,926median: $25,232
Daviess County Public School District2019 2,031 $31,926$25,232View Details
Oldham County School District
20191,982avg: $34,524median: $37,688
Oldham County School District2019 1,982 $34,524$37,688View Details

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