Kentucky Employers

Employers Number 396

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Kentucky
201625,247avg: $56,292median: $41,787
University Of Kentucky2016 25,247 $56,292$41,787View Details
Jefferson County
201614,504avg: $49,557median: $48,135
Jefferson County2016 14,504 $49,557$48,135View Details
Kentucky Community And Technical College System
201610,438avg: $23,877median: $10,138
Kentucky Community And Technical College System2016 10,438 $23,877$10,138View Details
City Of Louisville
20167,336avg: $44,232median: $43,534
City Of Louisville2016 7,336 $44,232$43,534View Details
Fayette County
20165,582avg: $48,084median: $48,617
Fayette County2016 5,582 $48,084$48,617View Details
Dept For Community Based Services
20164,161avg: $36,585median: $36,379
Dept For Community Based Services2016 4,161 $36,585$36,379View Details
University Of Eastern Kentucky
20163,837avg: $30,415median: $25,931
University Of Eastern Kentucky2016 3,837 $30,415$25,931View Details
Department Of Corrections
20163,587avg: $36,681median: $34,527
Department Of Corrections2016 3,587 $36,681$34,527View Details
Court Of Justice
20163,225avg: $42,663median: $32,398
Court Of Justice2016 3,225 $42,663$32,398View Details
Boone County
20162,665avg: $41,568median: $42,984
Boone County2016 2,665 $41,568$42,984View Details
State University Of Murray
20162,274avg: $31,647median: $23,644
State University Of Murray2016 2,274 $31,647$23,644View Details
Hardin County
20162,103avg: $37,373median: $38,543
Hardin County2016 2,103 $37,373$38,543View Details
Warren County
20161,998avg: $35,027median: $36,757
Warren County2016 1,998 $35,027$36,757View Details
University Of Western Kentucky
20161,868avg: $53,696median: $48,000
University Of Western Kentucky2016 1,868 $53,696$48,000View Details
Kentucky State Police
20161,712avg: $42,989median: $43,014
Kentucky State Police2016 1,712 $42,989$43,014View Details
Kenton County
20161,694avg: $44,280median: $45,704
Kenton County2016 1,694 $44,280$45,704View Details
Bullitt County
20161,668avg: $40,406median: $43,073
Bullitt County2016 1,668 $40,406$43,073View Details
Daviess County
20161,637avg: $37,867median: $38,771
Daviess County2016 1,637 $37,867$38,771View Details
Oldham County
20161,625avg: $39,804median: $41,880
Oldham County2016 1,625 $39,804$41,880View Details
Department Of Highways
20161,619avg: $52,354median: $48,422
Department Of Highways2016 1,619 $52,354$48,422View Details

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