Maine Employers

Employers Number 574

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Dept Of Health&Human Svcs: Dhhs
20183,296avg: $34,180median: $35,409
Dept Of Health&Human Svcs: Dhhs2018 3,296 $34,180$35,409View Details
University Of Maine
20182,207avg: $56,136median: $46,456
University Of Maine2018 2,207 $56,136$46,456View Details
Maine Veterans Home - Central Office
20181,442avg: $25,234median: $19,455
Maine Veterans Home - Central Office2018 1,442 $25,234$19,455View Details
Portland School Department
20181,257avg: $41,124median: $40,816
Portland School Department2018 1,257 $41,124$40,816View Details
Mdot Highway Crew
20181,243avg: $28,065median: $30,607
Mdot Highway Crew2018 1,243 $28,065$30,607View Details
City Of Portland
20181,219avg: $49,828median: $47,817
City Of Portland2018 1,219 $49,828$47,817View Details
Dept Of Admin & Financial Services
20181,176avg: $44,337median: $42,439
Dept Of Admin & Financial Services2018 1,176 $44,337$42,439View Details
University Of Southern Maine
20181,048avg: $56,394median: $50,000
University Of Southern Maine2018 1,048 $56,394$50,000View Details
Lewiston School Department
20181,037avg: $35,527median: $31,934
Lewiston School Department2018 1,037 $35,527$31,934View Details
Department Of Transportation
2018975avg: $43,476median: $45,498
Department Of Transportation2018 975 $43,476$45,498View Details
Maine Community Colleges
2018778avg: $39,843median: $39,384
Maine Community Colleges2018 778 $39,843$39,384View Details
Dept Of Agri Cons & Forestry
2018761avg: $29,461median: $23,642
Dept Of Agri Cons & Forestry2018 761 $29,461$23,642View Details
Department Of Public Safety
2018706avg: $48,829median: $52,692
Department Of Public Safety2018 706 $48,829$52,692View Details
Judicial Department
2018649avg: $48,636median: $41,220
Judicial Department2018 649 $48,636$41,220View Details
Bangor School Department
2018603avg: $44,917median: $45,705
Bangor School Department2018 603 $44,917$45,705View Details
Rsu #60 - Msad #60 North Berwick
2018572avg: $36,939median: $37,737
Rsu #60 - Msad #60 North Berwick2018 572 $36,939$37,737View Details
Rsu #6 - Msad #6 Bar Mills
2018567avg: $40,015median: $44,162
Rsu #6 - Msad #6 Bar Mills2018 567 $40,015$44,162View Details
Auburn School Department
2018566avg: $39,414median: $42,050
Auburn School Department2018 566 $39,414$42,050View Details
South Portland School Department
2018555avg: $45,961median: $48,254
South Portland School Department2018 555 $45,961$48,254View Details
Department Of Labor
2018529avg: $38,039median: $39,950
Department Of Labor2018 529 $38,039$39,950View Details

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