Maine Employers

Employers Number 61

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Dhhs
20163,193avg: $35,585median: $37,178
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Dhhs2016 3,193 $35,585$37,178View Details
University Of Maine
20162,154avg: $52,914median: $43,199
University Of Maine2016 2,154 $52,914$43,199View Details
Mdot Highway Crew
20161,288avg: $26,239median: $27,737
Mdot Highway Crew2016 1,288 $26,239$27,737View Details
Dept Of Admin & Financial Services
20161,212avg: $43,038median: $41,172
Dept Of Admin & Financial Services2016 1,212 $43,038$41,172View Details
Department Of Transportation
20161,012avg: $40,159median: $41,564
Department Of Transportation2016 1,012 $40,159$41,564View Details
University Of Southern Maine
2016965avg: $54,401median: $48,161
University Of Southern Maine2016 965 $54,401$48,161View Details
Dept Of Agri Cons & Forestry
2016851avg: $25,669median: $17,671
Dept Of Agri Cons & Forestry2016 851 $25,669$17,671View Details
Department Of Public Safety
2016697avg: $45,172median: $46,790
Department Of Public Safety2016 697 $45,172$46,790View Details
Judicial Department
2016659avg: $41,979median: $33,874
Judicial Department2016 659 $41,979$33,874View Details
Department Of Labor
2016600avg: $35,381median: $36,226
Department Of Labor2016 600 $35,381$36,226View Details
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Rpc
2016526avg: $27,562median: $24,372
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Rpc2016 526 $27,562$24,372View Details
Secretary Of State
2016511avg: $31,524median: $31,315
Secretary Of State2016 511 $31,524$31,315View Details
Maine State Prison
2016437avg: $34,011median: $39,429
Maine State Prison2016 437 $34,011$39,429View Details
Dept Of Environmental Protection
2016413avg: $44,221median: $48,389
Dept Of Environmental Protection2016 413 $44,221$48,389View Details
System Wide Services
2016362avg: $59,318median: $52,010
System Wide Services2016 362 $59,318$52,010View Details
Maine Correctional Center
2016337avg: $33,922median: $39,804
Maine Correctional Center2016 337 $33,922$39,804View Details
Dept Of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
2016323avg: $46,201median: $49,181
Dept Of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife2016 323 $46,201$49,181View Details
University Of Maine At Augusta
2016319avg: $45,321median: $42,394
University Of Maine At Augusta2016 319 $45,321$42,394View Details
Dfps Statewide Service Center
2016314avg: $35,583median: $36,127
Dfps Statewide Service Center2016 314 $35,583$36,127View Details
University Of Maine At Farmington
2016309avg: $47,127median: $44,363
University Of Maine At Farmington2016 309 $47,127$44,363View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary