Maine Employers

Employers Number 61

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Dhhs
20153,239avg: $34,831median: $36,863
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Dhhs2015 3,239 $34,831$36,863View Details
University Of Maine
20152,472avg: $51,535median: $43,546
University Of Maine2015 2,472 $51,535$43,546View Details
Dept Of Admin & Financial Services
20151,228avg: $40,641median: $39,397
Dept Of Admin & Financial Services2015 1,228 $40,641$39,397View Details
Mdot Highway Crew
20151,214avg: $26,546median: $28,037
Mdot Highway Crew2015 1,214 $26,546$28,037View Details
University Of Southern Maine
20151,034avg: $52,233median: $46,705
University Of Southern Maine2015 1,034 $52,233$46,705View Details
Department Of Transportation
2015978avg: $40,347median: $42,454
Department Of Transportation2015 978 $40,347$42,454View Details
Dept Of Agri Cons & Forestry
2015826avg: $26,104median: $18,536
Dept Of Agri Cons & Forestry2015 826 $26,104$18,536View Details
Department Of Public Safety
2015685avg: $42,179median: $45,092
Department Of Public Safety2015 685 $42,179$45,092View Details
Judicial Department
2015669avg: $37,613median: $30,436
Judicial Department2015 669 $37,613$30,436View Details
Department Of Labor
2015631avg: $33,888median: $34,558
Department Of Labor2015 631 $33,888$34,558View Details
Secretary Of State
2015521avg: $29,238median: $30,241
Secretary Of State2015 521 $29,238$30,241View Details
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Rpc
2015483avg: $28,039median: $23,272
Dept Of Health&human Svcs: Rpc2015 483 $28,039$23,272View Details
Maine State Prison
2015412avg: $31,683median: $36,870
Maine State Prison2015 412 $31,683$36,870View Details
Dept Of Environmental Protection
2015399avg: $46,325median: $49,704
Dept Of Environmental Protection2015 399 $46,325$49,704View Details
Dept Of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
2015327avg: $42,771median: $43,999
Dept Of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife2015 327 $42,771$43,999View Details
University Of Maine At Farmington
2015320avg: $46,512median: $43,623
University Of Maine At Farmington2015 320 $46,512$43,623View Details
University Of Maine At Augusta
2015318avg: $46,802median: $43,756
University Of Maine At Augusta2015 318 $46,802$43,756View Details
Dfps Statewide Service Center
2015301avg: $35,619median: $36,032
Dfps Statewide Service Center2015 301 $35,619$36,032View Details
Maine Correctional Center
2015297avg: $34,415median: $37,977
Maine Correctional Center2015 297 $34,415$37,977View Details
Dept Of Corrections: Central Office
2015293avg: $40,927median: $41,921
Dept Of Corrections: Central Office2015 293 $40,927$41,921View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary