Maine Employers

Employers Number 2462

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
AOS 96 - Marshfield
20201avg: $12,836median: $12,836
AOS 96 - Marshfield2020 1 $12,836$12,836View Details
Midcoast Council of Governments
20191avg: $28,858median: $28,858
Midcoast Council of Governments2019 1 $28,858$28,858View Details
Town of Monson
20191avg: $36,900median: $36,900
Town of Monson2019 1 $36,900$36,900View Details
AOS 96 - Roque Bluffs
20191avg: $10,285median: $10,285
AOS 96 - Roque Bluffs2019 1 $10,285$10,285View Details
Maine Education Association
20191avg: $87,251median: $87,251
Maine Education Association2019 1 $87,251$87,251View Details
Bowdoinham Water District
20191avg: $27,743median: $27,743
Bowdoinham Water District2019 1 $27,743$27,743View Details
Maine Military Authority
20191avg: $60,393median: $60,393
Maine Military Authority2019 1 $60,393$60,393View Details
Maine Port Authority
20191avg: $70,100median: $70,100
Maine Port Authority2019 1 $70,100$70,100View Details
Town of Corinna
20191avg: $43,440median: $43,440
Town of Corinna2019 1 $43,440$43,440View Details
Efficiency Maine Trust
20191avg: $76,990median: $76,990
Efficiency Maine Trust2019 1 $76,990$76,990View Details
Maine State Board of Education
20191avg: $45,347median: $45,347
Maine State Board of Education2019 1 $45,347$45,347View Details
Town of Danforth
20191avg: $46,001median: $46,001
Town of Danforth2019 1 $46,001$46,001View Details
Board of Osteopathic Licensure
20191avg: $47,913median: $47,913
Board of Osteopathic Licensure2019 1 $47,913$47,913View Details
Mechanic Falls Sanitary District
20191avg: $39,749median: $39,749
Mechanic Falls Sanitary District2019 1 $39,749$39,749View Details
AOS 90 - Central Office
20191avg: $58,736median: $58,736
AOS 90 - Central Office2019 1 $58,736$58,736View Details
Western Maine Community Action
20181avg: $4,511median: $4,511
Western Maine Community Action2018 1 $4,511$4,511View Details
Town Of Princeton
20181avg: $873median: $873
Town Of Princeton2018 1 $873$873View Details
Western Maine Community Action
20171avg: $43,204median: $43,204
Western Maine Community Action2017 1 $43,204$43,204View Details
Town Of Princeton
20171avg: $4,773median: $4,773
Town Of Princeton2017 1 $4,773$4,773View Details
Washburn Water And Sewer District
20171avg: $46,728median: $46,728
Washburn Water And Sewer District2017 1 $46,728$46,728View Details

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