New Mexico Employers

Employers Number 270

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Albuquerque Public Schools
201711,479avg: $37,344median: $38,850
Albuquerque Public Schools2017 11,479 $37,344$38,850View Details
University of New Mexico State
20179,848avg: $32,917median: $20,818
University of New Mexico State2017 9,848 $32,917$20,818View Details
University Of New Mexico
20176,682avg: $61,165median: $47,848
University Of New Mexico2017 6,682 $61,165$47,848View Details
Las Cruces Public Schools
20173,116avg: $38,242median: $40,879
Las Cruces Public Schools2017 3,116 $38,242$40,879View Details
Rio Rancho Public Schools
20172,044avg: $37,156median: $38,954
Rio Rancho Public Schools2017 2,044 $37,156$38,954View Details
Gadsden Independent Schools
20171,892avg: $36,813median: $39,511
Gadsden Independent Schools2017 1,892 $36,813$39,511View Details
Santa Fe Public Schools
20171,687avg: $38,724median: $40,827
Santa Fe Public Schools2017 1,687 $38,724$40,827View Details
Gallup Mckinley County Schools
20171,650avg: $35,857median: $34,632
Gallup Mckinley County Schools2017 1,650 $35,857$34,632View Details
Community College Of Central New Mexico
20171,556avg: $40,710median: $38,519
Community College Of Central New Mexico2017 1,556 $40,710$38,519View Details
City of Carlsbad
20171,425avg: $44,799median: $43,301
City of Carlsbad2017 1,425 $44,799$43,301View Details
Farmington Municipal Schools
20171,281avg: $37,763median: $41,514
Farmington Municipal Schools2017 1,281 $37,763$41,514View Details
City of Farmington
20171,247avg: $43,292median: $39,058
City of Farmington2017 1,247 $43,292$39,058View Details
County of San Juan
20171,125avg: $31,395median: $30,680
County of San Juan2017 1,125 $31,395$30,680View Details
Roswell Independent Schools
20171,123avg: $38,883median: $42,199
Roswell Independent Schools2017 1,123 $38,883$42,199View Details
Hobbs Municipal Schools
20171,077avg: $39,061median: $38,395
Hobbs Municipal Schools2017 1,077 $39,061$38,395View Details
Clovis Municipal Schools
20171,028avg: $34,903median: $34,137
Clovis Municipal Schools2017 1,028 $34,903$34,137View Details
Los Lunas Schools
20171,007avg: $36,962median: $37,122
Los Lunas Schools2017 1,007 $36,962$37,122View Details
Central Consolidated Schools
2017911avg: $38,438median: $37,968
Central Consolidated Schools2017 911 $38,438$37,968View Details
County of Los Alamos
2017876avg: $50,381median: $51,469
County of Los Alamos2017 876 $50,381$51,469View Details
Carlsbad Municipal Schools
2017764avg: $48,125median: $46,370
Carlsbad Municipal Schools2017 764 $48,125$46,370View Details

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