New Mexico Employers

Employers Number 275

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
New Mexico State University
202015,432avg: $32,002median: $20,908
New Mexico State University2020 15,432 $32,002$20,908View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
202011,772avg: $44,193median: $48,309
Albuquerque Public Schools2020 11,772 $44,193$48,309View Details
City of Albuquerque
20207,037avg: $43,830median: $41,568
City of Albuquerque2020 7,037 $43,830$41,568View Details
University of New Mexico
20206,588avg: $66,368median: $51,455
University of New Mexico2020 6,588 $66,368$51,455View Details
Las Cruces Public Schools
20203,211avg: $42,845median: $46,795
Las Cruces Public Schools2020 3,211 $42,845$46,795View Details
Rio Rancho Public Schools
20202,145avg: $43,903median: $50,004
Rio Rancho Public Schools2020 2,145 $43,903$50,004View Details
Gadsden Independent Schools
20201,943avg: $41,645median: $45,829
Gadsden Independent Schools2020 1,943 $41,645$45,829View Details
Santa Fe Public Schools
20201,700avg: $45,502median: $50,125
Santa Fe Public Schools2020 1,700 $45,502$50,125View Details
Central New Mexico Community College
20201,687avg: $44,972median: $42,256
Central New Mexico Community College2020 1,687 $44,972$42,256View Details
Gallup McKinley County Schools
20201,563avg: $45,710median: $46,319
Gallup McKinley County Schools2020 1,563 $45,710$46,319View Details
City of Santa Fe
20201,443avg: $35,099median: $32,727
City of Santa Fe2020 1,443 $35,099$32,727View Details
San Juan County
20201,336avg: $27,049median: $18,027
San Juan County2020 1,336 $27,049$18,027View Details
Farmington Municipal Schools
20201,331avg: $45,702median: $52,804
Farmington Municipal Schools2020 1,331 $45,702$52,804View Details
City of Las Cruces
20201,250avg: $44,718median: $40,906
City of Las Cruces2020 1,250 $44,718$40,906View Details
Roswell Independent School District
20201,128avg: $47,225median: $49,898
Roswell Independent School District2020 1,128 $47,225$49,898View Details
Hobbs Municipal Schools
20201,111avg: $46,510median: $47,514
Hobbs Municipal Schools2020 1,111 $46,510$47,514View Details
City of Farmington
20201,110avg: $48,317median: $44,148
City of Farmington2020 1,110 $48,317$44,148View Details
Los Lunas Public Schools
20201,023avg: $43,799median: $44,612
Los Lunas Public Schools2020 1,023 $43,799$44,612View Details
Clovis Municipal School District
2020994avg: $42,614median: $42,796
Clovis Municipal School District2020 994 $42,614$42,796View Details
City of Rio Rancho
2020943avg: $37,779median: $32,198
City of Rio Rancho2020 943 $37,779$32,198View Details

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