New Mexico Employers

Employers Number 289

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
New Mexico State University
201912,165avg: $24,111median: $10,506
New Mexico State University2019 12,165 $24,111$10,506View Details
Albuquerque Public Schools
201911,811avg: $40,587median: $42,977
Albuquerque Public Schools2019 11,811 $40,587$42,977View Details
University of New Mexico
20196,862avg: $60,990median: $48,942
University of New Mexico2019 6,862 $60,990$48,942View Details
City of Albuquerque
20196,272avg: $46,387median: $42,689
City of Albuquerque2019 6,272 $46,387$42,689View Details
Las Cruces Public Schools
20193,356avg: $39,016median: $41,085
Las Cruces Public Schools2019 3,356 $39,016$41,085View Details
Rio Rancho Public Schools
20192,158avg: $40,033median: $44,035
Rio Rancho Public Schools2019 2,158 $40,033$44,035View Details
Gadsden Independent Schools
20192,004avg: $38,691median: $42,182
Gadsden Independent Schools2019 2,004 $38,691$42,182View Details
Santa Fe Public Schools
20191,797avg: $40,721median: $42,909
Santa Fe Public Schools2019 1,797 $40,721$42,909View Details
City of Santa Fe
20191,699avg: $44,560median: $41,576
City of Santa Fe2019 1,699 $44,560$41,576View Details
Central New Mexico Community College
20191,691avg: $43,416median: $41,325
Central New Mexico Community College2019 1,691 $43,416$41,325View Details
Gallup McKinley County Schools
20191,662avg: $41,849median: $39,140
Gallup McKinley County Schools2019 1,662 $41,849$39,140View Details
Farmington Municipal Schools
20191,367avg: $40,940median: $44,195
Farmington Municipal Schools2019 1,367 $40,940$44,195View Details
City of Las Cruces
20191,241avg: $44,002median: $40,073
City of Las Cruces2019 1,241 $44,002$40,073View Details
Roswell Independent School District
20191,201avg: $42,600median: $45,045
Roswell Independent School District2019 1,201 $42,600$45,045View Details
Hobbs Municipal Schools
20191,183avg: $41,368median: $40,175
Hobbs Municipal Schools2019 1,183 $41,368$40,175View Details
Clovis Municipal School District
20191,082avg: $37,166median: $30,663
Clovis Municipal School District2019 1,082 $37,166$30,663View Details
Los Lunas Public Schools
20191,066avg: $39,444median: $39,548
Los Lunas Public Schools2019 1,066 $39,444$39,548View Details
City of Farmington
2019987avg: $48,316median: $44,554
City of Farmington2019 987 $48,316$44,554View Details
City of Rio Rancho
2019980avg: $34,241median: $29,318
City of Rio Rancho2019 980 $34,241$29,318View Details
Central Consolidated School District
2019950avg: $39,341median: $38,498
Central Consolidated School District2019 950 $39,341$38,498View Details

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