Washington Employers

Employers Number 933

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Washington
201653,098avg: $48,198median: $37,900
University Of Washington2016 53,098 $48,198$37,900View Details
Social And Health Services
201624,039avg: $40,866median: $40,700
Social And Health Services2016 24,039 $40,866$40,700View Details
Ferry District Of King County
201616,756avg: $67,587median: $70,358
Ferry District Of King County2016 16,756 $67,587$70,358View Details
Washington State University
201612,508avg: $36,756median: $24,700
Washington State University2016 12,508 $36,756$24,700View Details
201610,464avg: $44,607median: $48,100
Corrections2016 10,464 $44,607$48,100View Details
20168,271avg: $54,324median: $54,800
Transportation2016 8,271 $54,324$54,800View Details
20166,256avg: $66,937median: $63,983
Seattle2016 6,256 $66,937$63,983View Details
Western Washington University
20164,120avg: $32,711median: $21,600
Western Washington University2016 4,120 $32,711$21,600View Details
20164,012avg: $53,090median: $53,253
Spokane2016 4,012 $53,090$53,253View Details
City Of Tacoma
20163,912avg: $81,295median: $81,879
City Of Tacoma2016 3,912 $81,295$81,879View Details
20163,715avg: $53,300median: $50,292
Kent2016 3,715 $53,300$50,292View Details
County Of Snohomish
20163,665avg: $51,467median: $56,231
County Of Snohomish2016 3,665 $51,467$56,231View Details
20163,558avg: $62,718median: $62,456
Tacoma2016 3,558 $62,718$62,456View Details
Labor And Industries
20163,537avg: $48,290median: $50,400
Labor And Industries2016 3,537 $48,290$50,400View Details
City Of Spokane
20163,200avg: $54,048median: $54,372
City Of Spokane2016 3,200 $54,048$54,372View Details
Evergreen (clark)
20163,194avg: $51,228median: $53,249
Evergreen (clark)2016 3,194 $51,228$53,249View Details
Seattle Community College
20163,192avg: $31,846median: $26,600
Seattle Community College2016 3,192 $31,846$26,600View Details
Lake Washington
20163,039avg: $55,026median: $54,278
Lake Washington2016 3,039 $55,026$54,278View Details
20162,934avg: $51,399median: $51,299
Vancouver2016 2,934 $51,399$51,299View Details
Eastern Washington University
20162,895avg: $31,920median: $24,900
Eastern Washington University2016 2,895 $31,920$24,900View Details

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