Washington State Employee Salaries | 2017

We have 448,615 Washington state employee salaries in our database. Average Washington state employee salary is $49,136 and median salary is $44,917. Look up washington state salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

Washington Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Washington
201764,351avg: $42,979median: $27,700
University Of Washington2017 64,351 $42,979$27,700View Details
Social And Health Services
201725,934avg: $42,244median: $41,400
Social And Health Services2017 25,934 $42,244$41,400View Details
County of King
201717,458avg: $69,527median: $72,099
County of King2017 17,458 $69,527$72,099View Details
City of Seattle
201715,989avg: $74,344median: $72,537
City of Seattle2017 15,989 $74,344$72,537View Details
Washington State University
201715,592avg: $30,997median: $14,300
Washington State University2017 15,592 $30,997$14,300View Details
201710,494avg: $48,114median: $51,500
Corrections2017 10,494 $48,114$51,500View Details
20178,951avg: $53,583median: $53,400
Transportation2017 8,951 $53,583$53,400View Details
20176,461avg: $69,228median: $65,908
Seattle2017 6,461 $69,228$65,908View Details
20174,084avg: $55,908median: $56,365
Spokane2017 4,084 $55,908$56,365View Details
Western Washington University
20174,025avg: $35,464median: $23,800
Western Washington University2017 4,025 $35,464$23,800View Details
City of Tacoma
20173,934avg: $83,465median: $82,746
City of Tacoma2017 3,934 $83,465$82,746View Details
Labor And Industries
20173,844avg: $46,324median: $44,700
Labor And Industries2017 3,844 $46,324$44,700View Details
20173,669avg: $65,426median: $65,329
Tacoma2017 3,669 $65,426$65,329View Details
20173,580avg: $56,576median: $53,783
Kent2017 3,580 $56,576$53,783View Details
State Patrol
20173,403avg: $51,511median: $43,800
State Patrol2017 3,403 $51,511$43,800View Details
Evergreen (Clark)
20173,322avg: $53,313median: $55,192
Evergreen (Clark)2017 3,322 $53,313$55,192View Details
Lake Washington
20173,236avg: $56,961median: $56,016
Lake Washington2017 3,236 $56,961$56,016View Details
Seattle Community College
20173,220avg: $31,714median: $25,200
Seattle Community College2017 3,220 $31,714$25,200View Details
20173,061avg: $53,410median: $52,862
Vancouver2017 3,061 $53,410$52,862View Details
Eastern Washington University
20173,053avg: $33,375median: $23,400
Eastern Washington University2017 3,053 $33,375$23,400View Details