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EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Administrative Office of The Courts
201822avg: $116,164median: $110,500
Administrative Office of The Courts2018 22 $116,164$110,500View Details
Bates Technical College
20185avg: $141,340median: $134,900
Bates Technical College2018 5 $141,340$134,900View Details
Bellevue College
201815avg: $132,780median: $122,900
Bellevue College2018 15 $132,780$122,900View Details
Bellingham Technical College
20184avg: $145,975median: $131,900
Bellingham Technical College2018 4 $145,975$131,900View Details
Big Bend Community College
20185avg: $132,420median: $118,400
Big Bend Community College2018 5 $132,420$118,400View Details
Board of Accountancy
20181avg: $109,100median: $109,100
Board of Accountancy2018 1 $109,100$109,100View Details
Board of Pilotage Commissioners
20181avg: $111,100median: $111,100
Board of Pilotage Commissioners2018 1 $111,100$111,100View Details
Cascadia College
20184avg: $137,650median: $117,050
Cascadia College2018 4 $137,650$117,050View Details
Central Washington University
2018127avg: $133,163median: $124,000
Central Washington University2018 127 $133,163$124,000View Details
Centralia College
20185avg: $135,960median: $125,200
Centralia College2018 5 $135,960$125,200View Details
Clark College
20185avg: $132,040median: $120,300
Clark College2018 5 $132,040$120,300View Details
Clover Park Technical College
20185avg: $138,960median: $127,400
Clover Park Technical College2018 5 $138,960$127,400View Details
College of Evergreen
201833avg: $131,897median: $117,800
College of Evergreen2018 33 $131,897$117,800View Details
Columbia Basin College
20187avg: $143,400median: $122,600
Columbia Basin College2018 7 $143,400$122,600View Details
Columbia River Gorge Commission
20182avg: $139,200median: $139,200
Columbia River Gorge Commission2018 2 $139,200$139,200View Details
Commission on Judicial Conduct
20183avg: $127,334median: $129,300
Commission on Judicial Conduct2018 3 $127,334$129,300View Details
Consolidated Technology Services
201822avg: $111,291median: $105,350
Consolidated Technology Services2018 22 $111,291$105,350View Details
County Road Administration Board
20184avg: $119,275median: $121,200
County Road Administration Board2018 4 $119,275$121,200View Details
Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
20181avg: $110,500median: $110,500
Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation2018 1 $110,500$110,500View Details
Department of Employment Security
201831avg: $117,317median: $113,400
Department of Employment Security2018 31 $117,317$113,400View Details

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