College Salaries in Colorado

College Payrolls

College NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Adams State College
CO2018employees: 131average:$34,807
Adams State CollegeCO 131 $34,807View Salaries
Charter School of Early College of Arvada
CO2017employees: 41average:$35,648
Charter School of Early College of ArvadaCO 41 $35,648View Salaries
College Assist
CO2017employees: 5average:$35,034
College AssistCO 5 $35,034View Salaries
Junior College of Trinidad State
CO2017employees: 163average:$36,360
Junior College of Trinidad StateCO 163 $36,360View Salaries
Mesa State College
CO2018employees: 103average:$33,829
Mesa State CollegeCO 103 $33,829View Salaries
Metropolitan State College
CO2018employees: 278average:$49,445
Metropolitan State CollegeCO 278 $49,445View Salaries
Trinidad State Junior College
CO2017employees: 19average:$29,449
Trinidad State Junior CollegeCO 19 $29,449View Salaries
Western State College
CO2018employees: 60average:$36,452
Western State CollegeCO 60 $36,452View Salaries
Auraria Higher Education Center
CO2023employees: 356average:$47,363
Auraria Higher Education CenterCO 356 $47,363View Salaries
Colorado School of Mines
CO2023employees: 310average:$38,037
Colorado School of MinesCO 310 $38,037View Salaries
Fort Lewis College
CO2023employees: 109average:$33,742
Fort Lewis CollegeCO 109 $33,742View Salaries
Northeastern Junior College
CO2023employees: 37average:$44,439
Northeastern Junior CollegeCO 37 $44,439View Salaries
Otero Junior College
CO2023employees: 21average:$40,045
Otero Junior CollegeCO 21 $40,045View Salaries
Trinidad Junior College
CO2023employees: 8average:$46,088
Trinidad Junior CollegeCO 8 $46,088View Salaries
Colorado Mountain College
CO2023employees: 1454average:$32,376
Colorado Mountain CollegeCO 1,454 $32,376View Salaries