College Salaries in Pennsylvania

College Payrolls

College NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Chester County Technical College High Sc
PA2018employees: 109average:$79,597
Chester County Technical College High ScPA 109 $79,597View Salaries
College of Thaddeus Stevens Technology
PA2017employees: 453average:$22,318
College of Thaddeus Stevens TechnologyPA 453 $22,318View Salaries
Community College of Bucks County
PA2017employees: 3032average:$13,821
Community College of Bucks CountyPA 3,032 $13,821View Salaries
Community College Of Butler County
PA2016employees: 229average:$58,553
Community College Of Butler CountyPA 229 $58,553View Salaries
Community College of Harrisburg Area
PA2017employees: 2748average:$24,936
Community College of Harrisburg AreaPA 2,748 $24,936View Salaries
Community College Of Lehigh Carbon
PA2016employees: 1203average:$19,064
Community College Of Lehigh CarbonPA 1,203 $19,064View Salaries
Community College of Luzerne County
PA2017employees: 1113average:$21,693
Community College of Luzerne CountyPA 1,113 $21,693View Salaries
Community College of Pennsylvania Highlands
PA2017employees: 325average:$17,999
Community College of Pennsylvania HighlandsPA 325 $17,999View Salaries
Community College of Westmoreland County
PA2017employees: 1002average:$19,412
Community College of Westmoreland CountyPA 1,002 $19,412View Salaries
State College Area Sd
PA2018employees: 674average:$72,635
State College Area SdPA 674 $72,635View Salaries
Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter Schoo
PA2018employees: 33average:$43,886
Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter SchooPA 33 $43,886View Salaries
Water Authority of State College Borough
PA2017employees: 39average:$56,454
Water Authority of State College BoroughPA 39 $56,454View Salaries
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
PA2022employees: 117average:$87,968
Thaddeus Stevens College of TechnologyPA 117 $87,968View Salaries
Borough of State College
PA2022employees: 240average:$57,264
Borough of State CollegePA 240 $57,264View Salaries