College Salaries in New Mexico

College Payrolls

College NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
College Of New Mexico Junior
NM2018employees: 216average:$42,975
College Of New Mexico JuniorNM 216 $42,975View Salaries
College Of San Juan
NM2018employees: 718average:$35,318
College Of San JuanNM 718 $35,318View Salaries
Community College Of Central New Mexico
NM2018employees: 1634average:$41,665
Community College Of Central New MexicoNM 1,634 $41,665View Salaries
Community College Of Clovis
NM2018employees: 198average:$37,923
Community College Of ClovisNM 198 $37,923View Salaries
Community College Of Luna
NM2018employees: 147average:$35,282
Community College Of LunaNM 147 $35,282View Salaries
Community College Of Mesalands
NM2018employees: 62average:$45,593
Community College Of MesalandsNM 62 $45,593View Salaries
Community College Of Santa Fe
NM2018employees: 531average:$37,719
Community College Of Santa FeNM 531 $37,719View Salaries
New Mexico Junior College
NM2023employees: 256average:$57,976
New Mexico Junior CollegeNM 256 $57,976View Salaries
New Mexico Military Institute
NM2023employees: 307average:$51,068
New Mexico Military InstituteNM 307 $51,068View Salaries
Northern New Mexico College
NM2023employees: 194average:$53,202
Northern New Mexico CollegeNM 194 $53,202View Salaries
San Juan College
NM2023employees: 778average:$38,052
San Juan CollegeNM 778 $38,052View Salaries
Southeast New Mexico College
NM2023employees: 165average:$55,823
Southeast New Mexico CollegeNM 165 $55,823View Salaries