College Salaries in Texas

College Payrolls

College NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Angelina College
TX2022employees: 540average:$26,708
Angelina CollegeTX 540 $26,708View Salaries
College Of Clarendon
TX2018employees: 232average:$21,432
College Of ClarendonTX 232 $21,432View Salaries
College Of Coastal Bend
TX2018employees: 637average:$15,880
College Of Coastal BendTX 637 $15,880View Salaries
College Of Galveston
TX2018employees: 370average:$31,552
College Of GalvestonTX 370 $31,552View Salaries
College Of Grayson
TX2018employees: 667average:$24,293
College Of GraysonTX 667 $24,293View Salaries
College Of Law At Unt
TX2018employees: 334average:$19,195
College Of Law At UntTX 334 $19,195View Salaries
College Of Mainland
TX2018employees: 319average:$59,562
College Of MainlandTX 319 $59,562View Salaries
College Of Panola
TX2018employees: 370average:$27,504
College Of PanolaTX 370 $27,504View Salaries
College Of Ranger
TX2018employees: 125average:$42,981
College Of RangerTX 125 $42,981View Salaries
College Of Western Texas
TX2018employees: 343average:$20,158
College Of Western TexasTX 343 $20,158View Salaries
East Austin College Prep
TX2017employees: 82average:$47,972
East Austin College PrepTX 82 $47,972View Salaries
Fallbrook College Preparatory Acad
TX2016employees: 64average:$38,902
Fallbrook College Preparatory AcadTX 64 $38,902View Salaries
Frank Phillips College
TX2019employees: 104average:$4,569
Frank Phillips CollegeTX 104 $4,569View Salaries
Galveston College
TX2022employees: 350average:$38,607
Galveston CollegeTX 350 $38,607View Salaries
Hill College
TX2021employees: 503average:$23,595
Hill CollegeTX 503 $23,595View Salaries
Lamar Institute of Technology
TX2021employees: 242average:$12,682
Lamar Institute of TechnologyTX 242 $12,682View Salaries
Lamar State College-Institute Of Technology
TX2018employees: 300average:$39,638
Lamar State College-Institute Of TechnologyTX 300 $39,638View Salaries
Ranger College
TX2021employees: 215average:$23,170
Ranger CollegeTX 215 $23,170View Salaries
The East Austin College Prep Acade
TX2015employees: 97average:$38,509
The East Austin College Prep AcadeTX 97 $38,509View Salaries
Coastal Bend College
TX2022employees: 258average:$45,867
Coastal Bend CollegeTX 258 $45,867View Salaries
Southwest Texas Junior College
TX2022employees: 600average:$26,071
Southwest Texas Junior CollegeTX 600 $26,071View Salaries
Vernon College
TX2022employees: 508average:$23,635
Vernon CollegeTX 508 $23,635View Salaries
Clarendon College
TX2023employees: 163average:$19,985
Clarendon CollegeTX 163 $19,985View Salaries
College of the Mainland
TX2023employees: 327average:$69,139
College of the MainlandTX 327 $69,139View Salaries
Cisco College
TX2022employees: 400average:$20,464
Cisco CollegeTX 400 $20,464View Salaries
Lamar State College - Port Arthur
TX2023employees: 519average:$21,447
Lamar State College - Port ArthurTX 519 $21,447View Salaries
Lamar State College -Orange
TX2023employees: 344average:$20,760
Lamar State College -OrangeTX 344 $20,760View Salaries
LSC Educational Partners
TX2023employees: 3average:$71,333
LSC Educational PartnersTX 3 $71,333View Salaries
LSC Montgomery Satellite
TX2023employees: 6average:$55,620
LSC Montgomery SatelliteTX 6 $55,620View Salaries
LSC-Atascocita Center
TX2023employees: 43average:$21,160
LSC-Atascocita CenterTX 43 $21,160View Salaries
LSC-CHI Center
TX2023employees: 9average:$34,122
LSC-CHI CenterTX 9 $34,122View Salaries
LSC-Conroe Center
TX2023employees: 117average:$13,586
LSC-Conroe CenterTX 117 $13,586View Salaries
LSC-Creekside Center
TX2023employees: 71average:$10,459
LSC-Creekside CenterTX 71 $10,459View Salaries
LSC-Cypress Center
TX2023employees: 124average:$15,703
LSC-Cypress CenterTX 124 $15,703View Salaries
LSC-East Aldine Center
TX2023employees: 59average:$16,687
LSC-East Aldine CenterTX 59 $16,687View Salaries
LSC-Houston North
TX2023employees: 40average:$37,844
LSC-Houston NorthTX 40 $37,844View Salaries
LSC-Houston North Fairbanks
TX2023employees: 133average:$16,668
LSC-Houston North FairbanksTX 133 $16,668View Salaries
LSC-Houston North Fallbrook
TX2023employees: 72average:$13,628
LSC-Houston North FallbrookTX 72 $13,628View Salaries
LSC-Houston North Greenspoint
TX2023employees: 138average:$19,621
LSC-Houston North GreenspointTX 138 $19,621View Salaries
LSC-Houston North Victory
TX2023employees: 112average:$13,346
LSC-Houston North VictoryTX 112 $13,346View Salaries
TX2023employees: 133average:$57,650
LSC-OnlineTX 133 $57,650View Salaries
LSC-Process Technology Center
TX2023employees: 28average:$14,283
LSC-Process Technology CenterTX 28 $14,283View Salaries
LSC-System Office
TX2023employees: 526average:$67,616
LSC-System OfficeTX 526 $67,616View Salaries
LSC-System Office at University Park
TX2023employees: 359average:$65,544
LSC-System Office at University ParkTX 359 $65,544View Salaries
TX2023employees: 557average:$25,991
LSC-TomballTX 557 $25,991View Salaries
LSC-Tomball Health Science Building
TX2023employees: 144average:$25,842
LSC-Tomball Health Science BuildingTX 144 $25,842View Salaries
LSC-Transportation and Global Logistics Technology Center
TX2023employees: 27average:$48,929
LSC-Transportation and Global Logistics Technology CenterTX 27 $48,929View Salaries
LSC-University Center
TX2023employees: 4average:$25,504
LSC-University CenterTX 4 $25,504View Salaries
LSC-Westway Park Technology Center
TX2023employees: 99average:$14,855
LSC-Westway Park Technology CenterTX 99 $14,855View Salaries
North Central Texas College
TX2023employees: 543average:$44,093
North Central Texas CollegeTX 543 $44,093View Salaries
Northeast Lakeview College
TX2022employees: 431average:$34,667
Northeast Lakeview CollegeTX 431 $34,667View Salaries
Northeast Texas College
TX2022employees: 618average:$21,611
Northeast Texas CollegeTX 618 $21,611View Salaries
Odessa College
TX2023employees: 399average:$64,810
Odessa CollegeTX 399 $64,810View Salaries
Panola College
TX2023employees: 347average:$30,524
Panola CollegeTX 347 $30,524View Salaries
Texarkana College
TX2023employees: 480average:$30,270
Texarkana CollegeTX 480 $30,270View Salaries
Texas A&M Forest Service
TX2023employees: 645average:$43,868
Texas A&M Forest ServiceTX 645 $43,868View Salaries
Texas Southmost College
TX2023employees: 608average:$26,054
Texas Southmost CollegeTX 608 $26,054View Salaries
UNT Dallas College of Law
TX2023employees: 76average:$47,906
UNT Dallas College of LawTX 76 $47,906View Salaries
Western Texas College
TX2023employees: 320average:$24,844
Western Texas CollegeTX 320 $24,844View Salaries
Wharton County Junior College
TX2023employees: 464average:$40,229
Wharton County Junior CollegeTX 464 $40,229View Salaries