California State Employee Salaries

We have 2,455,945 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $92,559 and median salary is $82,759. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Antelope Valley Healthcare District
20226,550avg: $39,839median: $20,932
Antelope Valley Healthcare District2022 6,550 $39,839$20,932View Details
Kaweah Delta Health Care District
20226,103avg: $66,775median: $55,761
Kaweah Delta Health Care District2022 6,103 $66,775$55,761View Details
Palomar Health District
20223,808avg: $241,964median: $216,796
Palomar Health District2022 3,808 $241,964$216,796View Details
Washington Township Health Care District
20222,459avg: $115,566median: $99,894
Washington Township Health Care District2022 2,459 $115,566$99,894View Details
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare District
20222,339avg: $126,946median: $112,640
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare District2022 2,339 $126,946$112,640View Details
Sierra View Local Health Care District
20221,223avg: $61,648median: $47,174
Sierra View Local Health Care District2022 1,223 $61,648$47,174View Details
Tahoe Forest Hospital District
20221,051avg: $212,613median: $152,780
Tahoe Forest Hospital District2022 1,051 $212,613$152,780View Details
San Benito Health Care District
2022866avg: $97,456median: $84,547
San Benito Health Care District2022 866 $97,456$84,547View Details
Oak Valley Hospital District
2022685avg: $49,043median: $36,078
Oak Valley Hospital District2022 685 $49,043$36,078View Details
Northern Inyo Healthcare District
2022578avg: $74,883median: $66,473
Northern Inyo Healthcare District2022 578 $74,883$66,473View Details
Southern Mono Health Care District
2022565avg: $74,579median: $62,580
Southern Mono Health Care District2022 565 $74,579$62,580View Details
Sonoma Valley Healthcare District
2022420avg: $65,326median: $49,294
Sonoma Valley Healthcare District2022 420 $65,326$49,294View Details
Eastern Plumas Healthcare District
2022330avg: $53,765median: $47,240
Eastern Plumas Healthcare District2022 330 $53,765$47,240View Details
San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District
2022311avg: $58,285median: $40,477
San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District2022 311 $58,285$40,477View Details
Bear Valley Community Healthcare District
2022308avg: $53,284median: $44,967
Bear Valley Community Healthcare District2022 308 $53,284$44,967View Details
Kern Valley Hospital District
2022306avg: $54,021median: $42,232
Kern Valley Hospital District2022 306 $54,021$42,232View Details
John C. Fremont Healthcare District
2022275avg: $53,495median: $44,736
John C. Fremont Healthcare District2022 275 $53,495$44,736View Details
Southern Inyo Healthcare District
2022158avg: $46,199median: $37,216
Southern Inyo Healthcare District2022 158 $46,199$37,216View Details
Beach Cities Health District
2022144avg: $44,016median: $14,754
Beach Cities Health District2022 144 $44,016$14,754View Details
Surprise Valley Hospital District
2022105avg: $50,925median: $34,571
Surprise Valley Hospital District2022 105 $50,925$34,571View Details