California State Employee Salaries

We have 2,569,398 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $91,108 and median salary is $81,146. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Los Angeles Unified
202290,480avg: $75,905median: $70,885
Los Angeles Unified2022 90,480 $75,905$70,885View Details
San Diego Unified
202217,858avg: $77,751median: $69,384
San Diego Unified2022 17,858 $77,751$69,384View Details
Fresno Unified
202214,593avg: $69,589median: $57,516
Fresno Unified2022 14,593 $69,589$57,516View Details
Long Beach Unified
202212,073avg: $70,837median: $51,300
Long Beach Unified2022 12,073 $70,837$51,300View Details
Elk Grove Unified
20229,724avg: $66,884median: $57,763
Elk Grove Unified2022 9,724 $66,884$57,763View Details
San Bernardino City Unified
20228,771avg: $73,769median: $56,438
San Bernardino City Unified2022 8,771 $73,769$56,438View Details
Clovis Unified
20228,142avg: $56,369median: $36,273
Clovis Unified2022 8,142 $56,369$36,273View Details
Garden Grove Unified
20227,666avg: $72,217median: $38,290
Garden Grove Unified2022 7,666 $72,217$38,290View Details
Santa Ana Unified
20227,597avg: $73,747median: $60,913
Santa Ana Unified2022 7,597 $73,747$60,913View Details
Corona-Norco Unified
20227,061avg: $75,434median: $56,397
Corona-Norco Unified2022 7,061 $75,434$56,397View Details
Poway Unified
20226,851avg: $51,422median: $38,018
Poway Unified2022 6,851 $51,422$38,018View Details
Capistrano Unified
20226,715avg: $70,334median: $55,696
Capistrano Unified2022 6,715 $70,334$55,696View Details
Oakland Unified
20226,699avg: $77,110median: $74,939
Oakland Unified2022 6,699 $77,110$74,939View Details
Riverside Unified
20226,678avg: $65,985median: $49,878
Riverside Unified2022 6,678 $65,985$49,878View Details
Kern High
20226,535avg: $78,153median: $72,121
Kern High2022 6,535 $78,153$72,121View Details
Sacramento City Unified
20226,295avg: $78,045median: $74,997
Sacramento City Unified2022 6,295 $78,045$74,997View Details
Fontana Unified
20225,945avg: $80,033median: $74,255
Fontana Unified2022 5,945 $80,033$74,255View Details
Irvine Unified
20225,866avg: $63,732median: $40,062
Irvine Unified2022 5,866 $63,732$40,062View Details
Moreno Valley Unified
20225,727avg: $70,056median: $53,955
Moreno Valley Unified2022 5,727 $70,056$53,955View Details
Modesto City Schools
20225,676avg: $66,517median: $53,796
Modesto City Schools2022 5,676 $66,517$53,796View Details