California State Employee Salaries

We have 2,455,945 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $92,559 and median salary is $82,759. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Palos Verdes Library District
202294avg: $64,085median: $30,870
Palos Verdes Library District2022 94 $64,085$30,870View Details
Buena Park Library District
202244avg: $42,076median: $22,034
Buena Park Library District2022 44 $42,076$22,034View Details
Altadena Library District
202240avg: $58,053median: $54,668
Altadena Library District2022 40 $58,053$54,668View Details
Placentia Library District
202234avg: $46,489median: $45,989
Placentia Library District2022 34 $46,489$45,989View Details
Beaumont Library District
202222avg: $50,933median: $28,273
Beaumont Library District2022 22 $50,933$28,273View Details
Lassen Library District
202211avg: $15,260median: $12,818
Lassen Library District2022 11 $15,260$12,818View Details
Blanchard/Santa Paula Public Library District
202123avg: $22,186median: $11,832
Blanchard/Santa Paula Public Library District2021 23 $22,186$11,832View Details
Banning Library District
202113avg: $38,905median: $30,289
Banning Library District2021 13 $38,905$30,289View Details
Palo Verde Valley Library District
20216avg: $30,882median: $32,833
Palo Verde Valley Library District2021 6 $30,882$32,833View Details
Dixon Public Library District
202011avg: $751median: $202
Dixon Public Library District2020 11 $751$202View Details
Los Angeles County Law Library
201835avg: $63,547median: $58,005
Los Angeles County Law Library2018 35 $63,547$58,005View Details
San Diego County Law Library
201815avg: $70,996median: $68,212
San Diego County Law Library2018 15 $70,996$68,212View Details
Beaumont District Library
20189avg: $55,015median: $55,624
Beaumont District Library2018 9 $55,015$55,624View Details
Palo Verde Valley District Library
20184avg: $44,703median: $42,868
Palo Verde Valley District Library2018 4 $44,703$42,868View Details
Contra Costa County Law Library
20183avg: $60,650median: $49,919
Contra Costa County Law Library2018 3 $60,650$49,919View Details
Fresno County Law Library
20183avg: $61,397median: $64,542
Fresno County Law Library2018 3 $61,397$64,542View Details
Del Norte County Library District
20182avg: $22,761median: $22,761
Del Norte County Library District2018 2 $22,761$22,761View Details
Mono County Schools Community Library
20182avg: $26,416median: $26,416
Mono County Schools Community Library2018 2 $26,416$26,416View Details
California State Library
2016126avg: $58,766median: $57,960
California State Library2016 126 $58,766$57,960View Details
Mono County Free Library Authority
201613avg: $47,197median: $47,972
Mono County Free Library Authority2016 13 $47,197$47,972View Details