California State Employee Salaries

We have 2,569,398 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $91,108 and median salary is $81,146. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town Of Los Gatos
2018138avg: $97,350median: $90,084
Town Of Los Gatos2018 138 $97,350$90,084View Details
Town Of Truckee
2018110avg: $79,790median: $73,742
Town Of Truckee2018 110 $79,790$73,742View Details
Town Of Apple Valley
2018101avg: $55,829median: $51,588
Town Of Apple Valley2018 101 $55,829$51,588View Details
Town Of Windsor
201890avg: $77,042median: $73,595
Town Of Windsor2018 90 $77,042$73,595View Details
Town Of Hillsborough
201886avg: $106,311median: $93,952
Town Of Hillsborough2018 86 $106,311$93,952View Details
Town Of Paradise
201864avg: $52,013median: $49,437
Town Of Paradise2018 64 $52,013$49,437View Details
Town Of Mammoth Lakes
201862avg: $77,434median: $68,241
Town Of Mammoth Lakes2018 62 $77,434$68,241View Details
Town Of Corte Madera
201843avg: $80,277median: $83,698
Town Of Corte Madera2018 43 $80,277$83,698View Details
Town Of Colma
201842avg: $100,263median: $103,061
Town Of Colma2018 42 $100,263$103,061View Details
Town Of Yucca Valley
201842avg: $56,727median: $52,149
Town Of Yucca Valley2018 42 $56,727$52,149View Details
Town Of Tiburon
201839avg: $88,993median: $79,480
Town Of Tiburon2018 39 $88,993$79,480View Details
Town Of Atherton
201837avg: $113,488median: $109,972
Town Of Atherton2018 37 $113,488$109,972View Details
Town Of San Anselmo
201834avg: $75,814median: $67,418
Town Of San Anselmo2018 34 $75,814$67,418View Details
Town Of Fairfax
201834avg: $72,311median: $66,971
Town Of Fairfax2018 34 $72,311$66,971View Details
Town Of Moraga
201832avg: $83,114median: $88,288
Town Of Moraga2018 32 $83,114$88,288View Details
Town Of Yountville
201831avg: $96,873median: $74,111
Town Of Yountville2018 31 $96,873$74,111View Details
Town Of Los Altos Hills
201820avg: $81,236median: $65,862
Town Of Los Altos Hills2018 20 $81,236$65,862View Details
Town Of Woodside
201818avg: $120,885median: $81,723
Town Of Woodside2018 18 $120,885$81,723View Details
Town Of Ross
201818avg: $105,108median: $94,405
Town Of Ross2018 18 $105,108$94,405View Details
Town Of Portola Valley
201816avg: $110,950median: $91,280
Town Of Portola Valley2018 16 $110,950$91,280View Details