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Employers Number 87

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Administrative Hearings Ofc
201585avg: $98,005median: $88,637
Administrative Hearings Ofc2015 85 $98,005$88,637View Details
Advry Neighborhood Commission
20153avg: $65,000median: $74,538
Advry Neighborhood Commission2015 3 $65,000$74,538View Details
Aging Office On
201573avg: $76,308median: $72,480
Aging Office On2015 73 $76,308$72,480View Details
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin
201553avg: $74,463median: $69,092
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin2015 53 $74,463$69,092View Details
Arts & Humanities Comm On The
201521avg: $71,873median: $70,422
Arts & Humanities Comm On The2015 21 $71,873$70,422View Details
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs
201512avg: $65,992median: $51,583
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs2015 12 $65,992$51,583View Details
Attorney General Ofc Of The
2015589avg: $87,107median: $82,846
Attorney General Ofc Of The2015 589 $87,107$82,846View Details
Auditor Office Of The Dc
201530avg: $91,807median: $88,637
Auditor Office Of The Dc2015 30 $91,807$88,637View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
20151,387avg: $76,964median: $70,897
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2015 1,387 $76,964$70,897View Details
Board Of Ethics And Government
201516avg: $89,784median: $75,751
Board Of Ethics And Government2015 16 $89,784$75,751View Details
Campaign Finance Office Of
201528avg: $70,854median: $64,253
Campaign Finance Office Of2015 28 $70,854$64,253View Details
Chief Financial Officer Ofc
20151,263avg: $89,301median: $85,276
Chief Financial Officer Ofc2015 1,263 $89,301$85,276View Details
Chief Technology Officer Ofc
2015257avg: $102,998median: $104,752
Chief Technology Officer Ofc2015 257 $102,998$104,752View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2015822avg: $78,038median: $78,394
Child And Family Services Agcy2015 822 $78,038$78,394View Details
City Administrator Ofc Of The
201545avg: $105,531median: $92,000
City Administrator Ofc Of The2015 45 $105,531$92,000View Details
Consumer And Regulatory Affair
2015320avg: $76,571median: $73,942
Consumer And Regulatory Affair2015 320 $76,571$73,942View Details
Contract Appeals Board
201513avg: $105,335median: $98,316
Contract Appeals Board2015 13 $105,335$98,316View Details
Contracting And Procurement
2015175avg: $92,131median: $90,574
Contracting And Procurement2015 175 $92,131$90,574View Details
Corrections Department Of
2015877avg: $60,764median: $57,960
Corrections Department Of2015 877 $60,764$57,960View Details
Council Of The District
2015215avg: $77,225median: $72,100
Council Of The District2015 215 $77,225$72,100View Details

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