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Employers Number 97

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Administrative Hearings Ofc
201690avg: $106,093median: $95,132
Administrative Hearings Ofc2016 90 $106,093$95,132View Details
Advry Neighborhood Commission
20163avg: $68,087median: $76,774
Advry Neighborhood Commission2016 3 $68,087$76,774View Details
Aging Office On
201680avg: $75,318median: $72,534
Aging Office On2016 80 $75,318$72,534View Details
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin
201653avg: $79,703median: $73,867
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin2016 53 $79,703$73,867View Details
Arts & Humanities Comm On The
201617avg: $77,619median: $74,654
Arts & Humanities Comm On The2016 17 $77,619$74,654View Details
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs
201614avg: $56,805median: $47,275
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs2016 14 $56,805$47,275View Details
Attorney General Ofc Of The
2016584avg: $89,751median: $84,108
Attorney General Ofc Of The2016 584 $89,751$84,108View Details
Auditor Office Of The Dc
201629avg: $96,014median: $88,775
Auditor Office Of The Dc2016 29 $96,014$88,775View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
20161,392avg: $80,428median: $76,749
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2016 1,392 $80,428$76,749View Details
Board Of Ethics And Government
201616avg: $93,005median: $80,241
Board Of Ethics And Government2016 16 $93,005$80,241View Details
Cable Television And Telecom
201610avg: $78,910median: $74,833
Cable Television And Telecom2016 10 $78,910$74,833View Details
Campaign Finance Office Of
201630avg: $71,457median: $64,065
Campaign Finance Office Of2016 30 $71,457$64,065View Details
Chief Financial Officer Ofc
20161,300avg: $90,769median: $87,625
Chief Financial Officer Ofc2016 1,300 $90,769$87,625View Details
Chief Technology Officer Ofc
2016331avg: $100,668median: $104,916
Chief Technology Officer Ofc2016 331 $100,668$104,916View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2016809avg: $80,990median: $80,793
Child And Family Services Agcy2016 809 $80,990$80,793View Details
City Administrator Ofc Of The
201653avg: $107,483median: $93,819
City Administrator Ofc Of The2016 53 $107,483$93,819View Details
Consumer And Regulatory Affair
2016338avg: $79,601median: $77,711
Consumer And Regulatory Affair2016 338 $79,601$77,711View Details
Contract Appeals Board
201611avg: $109,443median: $104,644
Contract Appeals Board2016 11 $109,443$104,644View Details
Contracting And Procurement
2016204avg: $93,835median: $90,562
Contracting And Procurement2016 204 $93,835$90,562View Details
Corrections Department Of
2016895avg: $63,127median: $58,953
Corrections Department Of2016 895 $63,127$58,953View Details

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