DC Employee Salaries, DC Salary Lookup | 2017

We have 36,247 District of Columbia employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in DC is $67,173 and median salary is $69,395. Look up DC public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in your city by school name or teacher name.

District of Columbia Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Public Schools Dc
20179,348avg: $62,666median: $66,526
Public Schools Dc2017 9,348 $62,666$66,526View Details
Metropolitan Police Department
20174,366avg: $78,711median: $78,346
Metropolitan Police Department2017 4,366 $78,711$78,346View Details
Fire & Emergency Medical Svs
20172,015avg: $76,848median: $73,190
Fire & Emergency Medical Svs2017 2,015 $76,848$73,190View Details
University Of The D.C.
20171,397avg: $39,279median: $41,713
University Of The D.C.2017 1,397 $39,279$41,713View Details
Osse Dot Department
20171,389avg: $8,508median: $22
Osse Dot Department2017 1,389 $8,508$22View Details
Public Works Department Of
20171,322avg: $26,624median: $31
Public Works Department Of2017 1,322 $26,624$31View Details
Chief Financial Officer Ofc
20171,320avg: $94,395median: $90,254
Chief Financial Officer Ofc2017 1,320 $94,395$90,254View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
20171,310avg: $79,501median: $79,275
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2017 1,310 $79,501$79,275View Details
Corrections Department Of
20171,104avg: $62,408median: $59,217
Corrections Department Of2017 1,104 $62,408$59,217View Details
Department Of Human Services
20171,054avg: $70,473median: $69,194
Department Of Human Services2017 1,054 $70,473$69,194View Details
Transportation District Dept
2017998avg: $59,893median: $61,491
Transportation District Dept2017 998 $59,893$61,491View Details
Department Of Parks And Recrea
2017925avg: $36,090median: $34,413
Department Of Parks And Recrea2017 925 $36,090$34,413View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2017770avg: $84,223median: $85,194
Child And Family Services Agcy2017 770 $84,223$85,194View Details
Department Of General Services
2017648avg: $50,437median: $51,302
Department Of General Services2017 648 $50,437$51,302View Details
Dept Of Employment Services
2017617avg: $72,831median: $69,395
Dept Of Employment Services2017 617 $72,831$69,395View Details
Attorney General Ofc Of The
2017571avg: $96,759median: $92,616
Attorney General Ofc Of The2017 571 $96,759$92,616View Details
Department Of Health
2017546avg: $85,866median: $87,657
Department Of Health2017 546 $85,866$87,657View Details
Dc Public Library
2017538avg: $58,371median: $53,691
Dc Public Library2017 538 $58,371$53,691View Details
Department Of Youth Rehabilita
2017502avg: $66,314median: $62,227
Department Of Youth Rehabilita2017 502 $66,314$62,227View Details
Disability Services
2017384avg: $82,350median: $80,806
Disability Services2017 384 $82,350$80,806View Details