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Employers Number 91

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Advry Neighborhood Commission
20173avg: $70,857median: $81,260
Advry Neighborhood Commission2017 3 $70,857$81,260View Details
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin
201754avg: $80,208median: $76,578
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin2017 54 $80,208$76,578View Details
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs
201710avg: $62,316median: $49,858
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs2017 10 $62,316$49,858View Details
Attorney General Ofc Of The
2017571avg: $97,099median: $92,616
Attorney General Ofc Of The2017 571 $97,099$92,616View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
20171,310avg: $84,877median: $82,214
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2017 1,310 $84,877$82,214View Details
Board Of Elections & Ethics
201753avg: $84,868median: $79,077
Board Of Elections & Ethics2017 53 $84,868$79,077View Details
Board Of Ethics And Government
201713avg: $98,350median: $85,134
Board Of Ethics And Government2017 13 $98,350$85,134View Details
Chief Financial Officer Ofc
20171,320avg: $94,823median: $90,308
Chief Financial Officer Ofc2017 1,320 $94,823$90,308View Details
Chief Technology Officer Ofc
2017331avg: $102,133median: $104,423
Chief Technology Officer Ofc2017 331 $102,133$104,423View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2017770avg: $84,223median: $85,194
Child And Family Services Agcy2017 770 $84,223$85,194View Details
Comm Judicial Disabil & Tenure
20172avg: $111,130median: $111,130
Comm Judicial Disabil & Tenure2017 2 $111,130$111,130View Details
Comm On The Arts & Humanities
201726avg: $74,275median: $65,987
Comm On The Arts & Humanities2017 26 $74,275$65,987View Details
Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
2017369avg: $81,685median: $80,806
Consumer & Regulatory Affairs2017 369 $81,685$80,806View Details
Contract Appeals Board
201711avg: $113,585median: $119,635
Contract Appeals Board2017 11 $113,585$119,635View Details
Contracting And Procurement
2017213avg: $95,513median: $93,279
Contracting And Procurement2017 213 $95,513$93,279View Details
Corrections Department Of
20171,104avg: $62,692median: $59,217
Corrections Department Of2017 1,104 $62,692$59,217View Details
Corrections Info Council
20176avg: $64,394median: $62,333
Corrections Info Council2017 6 $64,394$62,333View Details
Council Of The District
2017199avg: $83,951median: $80,000
Council Of The District2017 199 $83,951$80,000View Details
Criminal Code Reform Comm.
20175avg: $104,112median: $105,000
Criminal Code Reform Comm.2017 5 $104,112$105,000View Details
Criminal Justice Council
201717avg: $104,152median: $101,826
Criminal Justice Council2017 17 $104,152$101,826View Details

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