District of Columbia Employers

Employers Number 91

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Public Schools Dc
20179,348avg: $62,666median: $66,526
Public Schools Dc2017 9,348 $62,666$66,526View Details
Metropolitan Police Department
20174,366avg: $78,711median: $78,346
Metropolitan Police Department2017 4,366 $78,711$78,346View Details
Fire & Emergency Medical Svs
20172,015avg: $76,848median: $73,190
Fire & Emergency Medical Svs2017 2,015 $76,848$73,190View Details
University Of The D.C.
20171,397avg: $39,279median: $41,713
University Of The D.C.2017 1,397 $39,279$41,713View Details
Osse Dot Department
20171,389avg: $8,508median: $22
Osse Dot Department2017 1,389 $8,508$22View Details
Public Works Department Of
20171,322avg: $26,624median: $31
Public Works Department Of2017 1,322 $26,624$31View Details
Chief Financial Officer Ofc
20171,320avg: $94,395median: $90,254
Chief Financial Officer Ofc2017 1,320 $94,395$90,254View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
20171,310avg: $79,501median: $79,275
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2017 1,310 $79,501$79,275View Details
Corrections Department Of
20171,104avg: $62,408median: $59,217
Corrections Department Of2017 1,104 $62,408$59,217View Details
Department Of Human Services
20171,054avg: $70,473median: $69,194
Department Of Human Services2017 1,054 $70,473$69,194View Details
Transportation District Dept
2017998avg: $59,893median: $61,491
Transportation District Dept2017 998 $59,893$61,491View Details
Department Of Parks And Recrea
2017925avg: $36,090median: $34,413
Department Of Parks And Recrea2017 925 $36,090$34,413View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2017770avg: $84,223median: $85,194
Child And Family Services Agcy2017 770 $84,223$85,194View Details
Department Of General Services
2017648avg: $50,437median: $51,302
Department Of General Services2017 648 $50,437$51,302View Details
Dept Of Employment Services
2017617avg: $72,831median: $69,395
Dept Of Employment Services2017 617 $72,831$69,395View Details
Attorney General Ofc Of The
2017571avg: $96,759median: $92,616
Attorney General Ofc Of The2017 571 $96,759$92,616View Details
Department Of Health
2017546avg: $85,866median: $87,657
Department Of Health2017 546 $85,866$87,657View Details
Dc Public Library
2017538avg: $58,371median: $53,691
Dc Public Library2017 538 $58,371$53,691View Details
Department Of Youth Rehabilita
2017502avg: $66,314median: $62,227
Department Of Youth Rehabilita2017 502 $66,314$62,227View Details
Disability Services
2017384avg: $82,350median: $80,806
Disability Services2017 384 $82,350$80,806View Details

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Average Salary