District of Columbia Employers

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Employers Number 101

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Advry Neighborhood Commission
20184avg: $74,991median: $79,639
Advry Neighborhood Commission2018 4 $74,991$79,639View Details
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin
201845avg: $90,937median: $82,412
Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin2018 45 $90,937$82,412View Details
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs
20188avg: $64,381median: $53,533
Asian Pacific Islander Affairs2018 8 $64,381$53,533View Details
Attorney General Ofc Of The
20181avg: $190,000median: $190,000
Attorney General Ofc Of The2018 1 $190,000$190,000View Details
Behavioral Health Dept. Of
201869avg: $117,383median: $106,534
Behavioral Health Dept. Of2018 69 $117,383$106,534View Details
Board Of Elections & Ethics
2018132avg: $48,099median: $41,600
Board Of Elections & Ethics2018 132 $48,099$41,600View Details
Board Of Ethics And Government
201813avg: $115,477median: $97,831
Board Of Ethics And Government2018 13 $115,477$97,831View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2018745avg: $89,368median: $89,858
Child And Family Services Agcy2018 745 $89,368$89,858View Details
Comm Judicial Disabil & Tenure
20182avg: $114,614median: $114,614
Comm Judicial Disabil & Tenure2018 2 $114,614$114,614View Details
Comm On The Arts & Humanities
201825avg: $79,617median: $71,247
Comm On The Arts & Humanities2018 25 $79,617$71,247View Details
Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
2018397avg: $84,167median: $83,078
Consumer & Regulatory Affairs2018 397 $84,167$83,078View Details
Contract Appeals Board
201810avg: $129,006median: $129,845
Contract Appeals Board2018 10 $129,006$129,845View Details
Contracting And Procurement
2018202avg: $102,920median: $101,610
Contracting And Procurement2018 202 $102,920$101,610View Details
Corrections Info Council
20187avg: $68,805median: $65,487
Corrections Info Council2018 7 $68,805$65,487View Details
Council Of The District
2018193avg: $94,203median: $89,461
Council Of The District2018 193 $94,203$89,461View Details
Criminal Code Reform Comm.
20185avg: $108,860median: $110,313
Criminal Code Reform Comm.2018 5 $108,860$110,313View Details
Criminal Justice Council
201819avg: $109,496median: $109,710
Criminal Justice Council2018 19 $109,496$109,710View Details
Dc National Guard
2018122avg: $58,784median: $55,910
Dc National Guard2018 122 $58,784$55,910View Details
Dc Public Library
2018534avg: $65,052median: $58,064
Dc Public Library2018 534 $65,052$58,064View Details
Dc Public Schools
20188,700avg: $74,761median: $78,856
Dc Public Schools2018 8,700 $74,761$78,856View Details

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