District of Columbia Employers

Employers Number 101

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Dc Public Schools
20188,700avg: $74,761median: $78,856
Dc Public Schools2018 8,700 $74,761$78,856View Details
Metropolitan Police Department
20184,379avg: $79,097median: $77,304
Metropolitan Police Department2018 4,379 $79,097$77,304View Details
Fire & Emergency Medical Svs
20182,027avg: $84,984median: $80,600
Fire & Emergency Medical Svs2018 2,027 $84,984$80,600View Details
Osse Dot Department
20181,449avg: $43,234median: $39,822
Osse Dot Department2018 1,449 $43,234$39,822View Details
Department Of Public Works
20181,389avg: $59,756median: $56,725
Department Of Public Works2018 1,389 $59,756$56,725View Details
University Of The D.C.
20181,319avg: $46,934median: $50,615
University Of The D.C.2018 1,319 $46,934$50,615View Details
Ofc Chief Financial Officer
20181,289avg: $99,196median: $94,822
Ofc Chief Financial Officer2018 1,289 $99,196$94,822View Details
Department Of Behavioral Healt
20181,230avg: $83,770median: $82,214
Department Of Behavioral Healt2018 1,230 $83,770$82,214View Details
Department Of Corrections
20181,187avg: $65,318median: $62,214
Department Of Corrections2018 1,187 $65,318$62,214View Details
Transportation District Dept
20181,083avg: $68,553median: $67,350
Transportation District Dept2018 1,083 $68,553$67,350View Details
Department Of Human Services
20181,052avg: $76,900median: $72,907
Department Of Human Services2018 1,052 $76,900$72,907View Details
Public Schools Dc
2018763avg: $33,741median: $32,326
Public Schools Dc2018 763 $33,741$32,326View Details
Child And Family Services Agcy
2018745avg: $89,368median: $89,858
Child And Family Services Agcy2018 745 $89,368$89,858View Details
Dept Of General Services
2018642avg: $80,768median: $72,800
Dept Of General Services2018 642 $80,768$72,800View Details
Dept Of Employment Services
2018600avg: $78,807median: $74,983
Dept Of Employment Services2018 600 $78,807$74,983View Details
Department Of Parks And Recrea
2018583avg: $55,498median: $53,620
Department Of Parks And Recrea2018 583 $55,498$53,620View Details
Ofc Of The Attorney General
2018563avg: $102,654median: $98,362
Ofc Of The Attorney General2018 563 $102,654$98,362View Details
Department Of Health
2018554avg: $90,545median: $91,045
Department Of Health2018 554 $90,545$91,045View Details
Dc Public Library
2018534avg: $65,052median: $58,064
Dc Public Library2018 534 $65,052$58,064View Details
Department Of Youth Rehabilita
2018530avg: $72,139median: $65,549
Department Of Youth Rehabilita2018 530 $72,139$65,549View Details

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