Missouri Employers

Employers Number 2552

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
201513,823avg: $26,497median: $30,555
Corrections2015 13,823 $26,497$30,555View Details
Mental Health
201510,090avg: $25,061median: $24,371
Mental Health2015 10,090 $25,061$24,371View Details
Social Services
20159,350avg: $25,877median: $29,871
Social Services2015 9,350 $25,877$29,871View Details
20157,582avg: $29,313median: $32,497
Transportation2015 7,582 $29,313$32,497View Details
Public Safety
20157,512avg: $28,853median: $25,395
Public Safety2015 7,512 $28,853$25,395View Details
20155,075avg: $36,396median: $27,271
Judiciary2015 5,075 $36,396$27,271View Details
Elementary And Secondary Education
20153,000avg: $21,246median: $16,443
Elementary And Secondary Education2015 3,000 $21,246$16,443View Details
Natural Resources
20152,815avg: $22,473median: $17,264
Natural Resources2015 2,815 $22,473$17,264View Details
20152,518avg: $26,295median: $24,965
Conservation2015 2,518 $26,295$24,965View Details
Office Of Administration
20152,372avg: $34,557median: $32,841
Office Of Administration2015 2,372 $34,557$32,841View Details
Health And Senior Services
20152,292avg: $32,126median: $33,730
Health And Senior Services2015 2,292 $32,126$33,730View Details
20151,844avg: $24,245median: $23,870
Revenue2015 1,844 $24,245$23,870View Details
20151,424avg: $10,787median: $784
Agriculture2015 1,424 $10,787$784View Details
Central High
20151,346avg: $49,735median: $47,650
Central High2015 1,346 $49,735$47,650View Details
Labor And Industrial Relations
2015996avg: $31,864median: $31,499
Labor And Industrial Relations2015 996 $31,864$31,499View Details
Insurance Fin Inst And Prof Registration
2015929avg: $29,776median: $24,549
Insurance Fin Inst And Prof Registration2015 929 $29,776$24,549View Details
2015921avg: $28,149median: $31,447
Legislature2015 921 $28,149$31,447View Details
Economic Development
2015918avg: $33,544median: $30,971
Economic Development2015 918 $33,544$30,971View Details
Specl. Sch. Dst. St. Louis Co.
2015686avg: $69,493median: $66,605
Specl. Sch. Dst. St. Louis Co.2015 686 $69,493$66,605View Details
Central Elem.
2015471avg: $42,288median: $42,180
Central Elem.2015 471 $42,288$42,180View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary