Missouri State Employee Salaries | 2017

We have 244,024 Missouri employee salaries in our database. Average Missouri state employee salary is $35,713 and median salary is $34,972. Look up state of Missouri employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Kansas City by school name or teacher name.

Missouri Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
201713,640avg: $27,232median: $31,320
Corrections2017 13,640 $27,232$31,320View Details
Mental Health
201710,446avg: $24,816median: $24,061
Mental Health2017 10,446 $24,816$24,061View Details
Public Safety
201710,235avg: $22,407median: $12,372
Public Safety2017 10,235 $22,407$12,372View Details
Social Services
20178,993avg: $26,258median: $30,030
Social Services2017 8,993 $26,258$30,030View Details
20177,525avg: $30,004median: $32,122
Transportation2017 7,525 $30,004$32,122View Details
City of Saint Louis
20175,306avg: $49,847median: $46,995
City of Saint Louis2017 5,306 $49,847$46,995View Details
20174,979avg: $37,954median: $28,212
Judiciary2017 4,979 $37,954$28,212View Details
County of St. Louis
20174,732avg: $41,339median: $41,009
County of St. Louis2017 4,732 $41,339$41,009View Details
Central Office
20174,337avg: $62,628median: $57,858
Central Office2017 4,337 $62,628$57,858View Details
Saint Louis Community College
20173,775avg: $26,163median: $9,769
Saint Louis Community College2017 3,775 $26,163$9,769View Details
Elementary And Secondary Education
20172,893avg: $22,983median: $18,549
Elementary And Secondary Education2017 2,893 $22,983$18,549View Details
Metropolitan Community College
20172,597avg: $24,123median: $9,253
Metropolitan Community College2017 2,597 $24,123$9,253View Details
Natural Resources
20172,567avg: $24,869median: $24,955
Natural Resources2017 2,567 $24,869$24,955View Details
Office Of Administration
20172,506avg: $33,910median: $32,148
Office Of Administration2017 2,506 $33,910$32,148View Details
20172,455avg: $27,916median: $26,976
Conservation2017 2,455 $27,916$26,976View Details
Health And Senior Services
20172,271avg: $32,973median: $34,416
Health And Senior Services2017 2,271 $32,973$34,416View Details
Ozarks Technical Community College
20172,164avg: $18,421median: $7,615
Ozarks Technical Community College2017 2,164 $18,421$7,615View Details
20171,989avg: $22,842median: $23,783
Revenue2017 1,989 $22,842$23,783View Details
Southeast Missouri State University
20171,929avg: $31,999median: $27,431
Southeast Missouri State University2017 1,929 $31,999$27,431View Details
City Of Springfield
20171,590avg: $43,748median: $41,995
City Of Springfield2017 1,590 $43,748$41,995View Details