Missouri State Employee Salaries | 2021

We have 262,721 Missouri employee salaries in our database. Average Missouri state employee salary is $43,831 and median salary is $41,828. Look up state of Missouri employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Kansas City by school name or teacher name.

Missouri Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Missouri
202116,412avg: $60,407median: $46,484
University of Missouri2021 16,412 $60,407$46,484View Details
Missouri Department of Corrections
202112,498avg: $30,582median: $32,918
Missouri Department of Corrections2021 12,498 $30,582$32,918View Details
Missouri Department of Mental Health
202110,064avg: $27,434median: $24,468
Missouri Department of Mental Health2021 10,064 $27,434$24,468View Details
Missouri Department of Social Services
20218,342avg: $28,074median: $30,783
Missouri Department of Social Services2021 8,342 $28,074$30,783View Details
Missouri Department of Public Safety
20217,328avg: $31,532median: $28,519
Missouri Department of Public Safety2021 7,328 $31,532$28,519View Details
Missouri Department of Transportation
20217,167avg: $32,463median: $34,665
Missouri Department of Transportation2021 7,167 $32,463$34,665View Details
Missouri Judiciary
20215,015avg: $40,057median: $29,064
Missouri Judiciary2021 5,015 $40,057$29,064View Details
St. Louis County
20215,015avg: $49,942median: $47,646
St. Louis County2021 5,015 $49,942$47,646View Details
City of Kansas City
20214,889avg: $57,826median: $51,721
City of Kansas City2021 4,889 $57,826$51,721View Details
City of Saint Louis
20214,668avg: $55,071median: $52,645
City of Saint Louis2021 4,668 $55,071$52,645View Details
University of Central Missouri
20213,366avg: $23,842median: $4,901
University of Central Missouri2021 3,366 $23,842$4,901View Details
University of Missouri at Kansas City
20212,963avg: $52,204median: $46,879
University of Missouri at Kansas City2021 2,963 $52,204$46,879View Details
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
20212,844avg: $24,349median: $18,905
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education2021 2,844 $24,349$18,905View Details
Missouri State University
20212,617avg: $42,255median: $43,000
Missouri State University2021 2,617 $42,255$43,000View Details
Missouri Office of Administration (Salaries)
20212,417avg: $36,587median: $34,629
Missouri Office of Administration (Salaries)2021 2,417 $36,587$34,629View Details
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
20212,309avg: $28,759median: $29,857
Missouri Department of Natural Resources2021 2,309 $28,759$29,857View Details
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
20212,308avg: $34,157median: $36,171
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services2021 2,308 $34,157$36,171View Details
Missouri Department of Conservation
20212,297avg: $30,281median: $28,305
Missouri Department of Conservation2021 2,297 $30,281$28,305View Details
Metropolitan Community College
20212,018avg: $31,754median: $14,779
Metropolitan Community College2021 2,018 $31,754$14,779View Details
Saint Louis Community College
20211,961avg: $40,786median: $37,288
Saint Louis Community College2021 1,961 $40,786$37,288View Details